March 27, 2020

Dear Families:

As stated in Dr. Cheeseman’s letter that went out to families last night ( linked here ), TCHS will be closed until April 20th. This in in accordance with the latest mandate from the Governor. Although I am not sure that this date will stay, as of now we are scheduled to return to school on April 20th. 

What this means is we are extending our April break by four days. April vacation will now be from Monday April 6th through April 19th, with a return date of Monday, April 20th. No course work will be required during this time as it is considered vacation days.

You also saw in Dr. Cheeseman’s letter that the Diocese is committed to doing whatever they can to ensure all graduations take place this year. Although we do not yet know when, or even how it might look this year, we at TCHS are determined to make sure our senior students, the last graduating class at TCHS, have a proper graduation ceremony. 

It goes without saying that we are living in challenging times. Every day we turn on the TV hoping to hear that the virus is slowing and life as we once knew it is returning. Yet, the opposite is true. This week alone we saw the death toll reach Stamford and one of our middle school teachers contract the virus. We are only a couple of weeks into this, patience is running thin and fear is rising. But there is hope and I would like to share with you where I find it. 

I find hope in the strength I garner from all of you. I am an outsider embraced by a community that is unmatched in faith, character, strength, love, and togetherness! I am blessed to now and forever be a part of it. I draw my strength from you and your children. My heart breaks for what they have had to endure so young, but I am inspired by the thought of how they will persevere as a result. 

Thank you for your gifts, your support and your hope that shines light on all of us and gives promise for a bright tomorrow!

God bless, be well and stay safe.