May 1, 2020

Dear Families:

I hope you all are well as we continue to fight through this pandemic. Please thank your student for the wonderful video they put together for our teachers. I know how much it meant to them.

As promised, I wanted to bring everyone up-to-date regarding finals and end-of-year dates. We have made the decision to cancel all finals for students this year. We feel that under these circumstances it would be difficult and unfair to administer finals with any fidelity.

This is how it will impact students and end-of-year dates:

  • For all students: total grade will be based on all of their assignments, tests, quizzes, homework, participation, attendance, etc. that took place throughout the entire year (i.e. student’s average in a class after four quarters is 92, then this will be their final end-of-year grade).
  • The 10% of their grade that is usually based on their final exam will be waived.
  • For seniors, there will be no testing the week of May 18th. Thus, the last day of instruction is Friday, May 15th.
  • Please note that if you are taking an AP exam, you are to follow the AP schedule which would include some testing during the week of May 18th.
  • For underclassmen, although there will be no finals for you, it is imperative that there is some type of cumulating activity. Thus, your teachers will be assigning a summative assignment or project to close out the year.
  • This assignment will NOT count as the usual 10% final grade, but rather it will be factored into your average for the year, the same as any other assignment.
  • The last day of instruction for underclassmen will be Wednesday, June 3rd.
  • June 4, 5, 8, & 9 will be allocated as work days for teachers and students. Students can use these days to work on their final assignments and teachers will be available for students should they have any questions or need assistance with their assignments.
  • All final projects and assignments will be due at the teacher’s discretion over this four day period.
  •  The last official day of school will be Tuesday, June 9th.

As always, thank you for your prayers and please know that you are in mine as well! Be well and stay safe!

God Bless,