December 28, 2016 / Issue 230


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Reflections: Let's face it. At some level each and every one of us takes time during the last week of every year to reflect -- some maybe more than others -- but I think it's just human nature to spend some time thinking about the year in review. I have been reflecting all week - about what kind of year this was for Mrs. Green's World (a great one and one that has brought about some big changes -- more on that later) and about what kind of year this was for me personally - both a challenging and very rewarding one. 

I am spending time with my family in Taos, New Mexico so I want to keep this newsletter short and hopeful. I want to savor every moment with them. I want to play games and watch fun movies and go down to the plaza to a place called Chokola and indulge just a bit. I want to take the dogs out in the snow and take pictures and videos and laugh at my daughter and son-in-law's new puppy Kali play with Griz, their other dog. And I want to put wood on the fire and make my grandchildren laugh and bake more cookies.
For this last newsletter of 2016, I also want to express my deepest, most sincere gratitude for all of you - for being a part of my world, for your comments about my newsletters; for your likes and comments on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; for listening to the podcasts and sharing with the MGW team what you have learned or about how much you enjoyed listening. I want to thank you for learning with me - about this great planet of ours, about its challenges and about many solutions for those challenges. I want to acknowledge that I have the most amazing team one could ever dream of having and as much as I am grateful for them, they are grateful for you. I am grateful for you.
My request ?  Keep hope alive and let your voices be heard.  I am honestly worried about the challenges I believe we will face in 2017. I am worried about a climate denier being appointed to any post in the US Government let alone the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. I am concerned about what will really happen with the Standing Rock situation. I am also steadfast in believing that if we keep our voices raised, have our elected officials phone numbers on speed dial and commit to staying informed on issues that impact our everyday lives and the health of our planet, we will look like and feel like a government of the people, by the people, and for the people - all people - not just people of privilege.

Here's to a healthy, joyful and consciously lived 2017. 

Our "Did You Know" feature highlighting our amazing and supportive clients will return with our first newsletter in the New Year.  

December 31
BEST OF SHOW: Perfect Imperfection
Ben Simon, Founder, Imperfect Produce
I embarrass myself when I am around Ben Simon. How can someone so young have such vision, such ability to articulate and then execute that vision and then have another great vision and move forward to execute again - all with the purpose of making our world a better place? Yes - I gush and Ben deserves it. I met Ben when he was the Executive Director of the Food Recovery Network. He left it in good hands soon after his graduation from college and founded Imperfect Produce - America's leading brand for ugly produce. Ben found out that every year, 20% of fruits and vegetables grown in the U.S. never make it off the farm due to tiny cosmetic challenges that don't affect taste or quality. They are considered ugly or imperfect. Imperfect buys produce that falls short of grocery stores' strict cosmetic standards and sells it for a 30-50% discount to fight food waste. Join me to find out why, in their first 3 months, Imperfect was covered by NPR, PBS NewsHour, NBC, Bloomberg Business, Today Show, LA Times, The New York Times, and the front page of the SF Chronicle. It's a story worth hearing about. This show made possible due to the generous support of the Chapman Automotive Group.
January 7
Community Rights & Rights of Nature: A New Paradigm
Kai Huschke, Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund, Community Organizer in the Pacific Northwest
That's a long title but Kai and his colleagues are building something big. The CELDF  is building a movement for Community Rights and the Rights of Nature to advance democratic, economic, social and environmental rights and they are doing it by building upward from the grassroots to the state, federal, and international level. Begun as a traditional public interest law firm seeking to protect the environment, CELDF sought to protect communities from projects such an incinerators and waste dumps which cause environmental harm.  Along the way, they encountered barriers put in place by both government and corporations. Such barriers included corporate constitutional "rights" and the preemptive authority of state government - both of which are used to override community decision making. Kai will share with us some examples of the ways that CELDF is fighting the good fight - for all of us and for Mother Earth. Another "I cannot wait" show for Mrs. Green. This show made possible due to the generous support of Habitat for Humanity .
January 14
Calley O'Neill
In the summer of 2006, while on vacation in Seattle with her two teenaged children, Leianna and Noa, Calley O'Neill took her children to the zoo for the first time. She was moved and inspired by the Woodland Park Zoo, opening her mind to what zoos could be. Calley had been strongly drawn to visit Portland, because of its global reputation as a model green city. On their weekend trip to Portland, they visited the Oregon Zoo, arriving at the elephant barn at the exact moment when Rama began his Sunday painting demonstration with keeper Jeb Barsh. As soon as Rama started painting, Calley was overwhelmed by a vision of an international travelling exhibition on endangered species that would reach millions of people. She knew in her bones that she had to work with him! And so she did and so began the Rama Exhibition - an epic journey of art and soul for the earth. Join us to hear about this spectacular, amazing and compelling journey from one incredible and amazing human being. This show made possible due to the generous support of The Fairfax Companies

January 21
Green for All
Vien Truong, Director of Green For All 
Longstanding, highly effective environmental and social justice activist, Vien helped lead a coalition to pass California's landmark SB 535 (de Leon) law, which reinvests hundreds of millions of dollars in disadvantaged communities and offers a national model for making polluters pay. Vien has received many prestigious state, regional and local awards for her work advocating on behalf of those most vulnerable to climate change. To make real progress on climate change, we need a true collaborative movement, reaching across race, class and ethnic divisions. In California, where 73% of those under 18 years old are people of color, Vien Truong will walk us through practical examples and models of what success looks like - and what it's going to take to build this movement. In a word? Vien is a force. I heard her speak at the Bioneers 2016 Conference and could not wait to share her passion, her knowledge and her success with bringing about much needed change. This show made possible due to the generous support of the Chapman Automotive Group.
January 28
Meet a Renovation Angel
Steve Feldman, Co-founder, Renovation Angel
This show and story are all about one person's incredible and very compelling story. Why did Steve Feldman start Green Demolitions and then Renovation Angel? Because he wanted to "give back" after his life was given back to him. He is a recovered addict whose life was saved 27 years ago through an addiction recovery program. He was a teenage drug and alcohol abuser raised in Poughkeepsie, New York and suffered two bouts of serious suicidal depression before he got his recovery. And give back he has. Renovation Angel. Simply put, Renovation Angel provides professional luxury kitchen removal and effortless recycling.  If your kitchen qualifies as a luxury kitchen, Renovation Angel provides you with the entire upside: full tax deduction & savings, professional insured removal, packing & transport and disposal cost savings! The "goods" are then recycled and sold to homeowners from all over the world. Talk about the Green Trifecta! Owners/purchasers win, Renovation Angel's carefully selected charity partners win and Mother Earth wins.  Want to hear how it all works?  So do I so please plan to learn with me. This show made possible due to the generous support of The Fairfax Companies.
February 4
Living from the Heart
Emmanuel Dagher
Emmanuel Dagher has become recognized as a global Humanitarian, Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Multi Best-selling Author who truly walks the talk when it comes to living from the heart. Emmanuel's early challenges of growing up in the war-torn country of Lebanon have helped him develop a level of compassion and awareness that heals those who enter his space. Emmanuel's ultimate desire is to remind everyone he meets of the wholeness that resides within every cell of their being; leading them back to the happy, rich and fulfilling life they desire most of themselves. Emmanuel has quickly come on the world stage through his wisdom, healing gifts and humanitarian work, giving him the opportunity to present and facilitate global healing at the United Nations in New York City where the heart of global diplomacy occurs, at the World Congress, Consulates, and other international events that promote world peace and healing. I had the honor and privilege of meeting this amazing human being at the United Nations this past spring. And once again, I could not wait to share him and his message with everyone in the MGW tribe.  Tune in to hear about hope, possibility and change. This show made possible due to the generous support of the Chapman Automotive Group.
February 11
The Soul of an Octopus
To research books, films and articles, Sy Montgomery has been chased by an angry silverback gorilla in Zaire and bitten by a vampire bat in Costa Rica, worked in a pit crawling with 18,000 snakes in Manitoba and handled a wild tarantula in French Guiana. She has been deftly undressed by an orangutan in Borneo, hunted by a tiger in India, and swum with piranhas, electric eels and dolphins in the Amazon. She has searched the Altai Mountains of Mongolia's Gobi for snow leopards, hiked into the trackless cloud forest of Papua New Guinea to radio collar tree kangaroos, and learned to SCUBA dive in order to commune with octopuses. We will touch on lots of Sy's excellent adventures but will "go deeper" asking Sy to share with us highlights from her best-selling book, The Soul of an Octopus -  which  explores the emotional and physical world of the octopus-a surprisingly complex, intelligent, and spirited creature-and the remarkable connections it makes with humans. This show made possible due to the generous support of  The Fairfax Companies.
(Personal comment from Mrs. Green - I would like to dedicate this show to my dear friend Rafe Sagarin, author of Learning from the Octopus. Rafe was a professor at the University of Arizona and was tragically killed  in Tucson, Arizona on May 28th, 2015. His legacy lives on in the hearts of many.
February 18
Making Contact: New Approaches to Cracking the Communications of Dolphins and Whales
James Nestor, author and journalist
James is a journalist with a passion for extreme adventure who has written for Scientific American, National Public Radio and The New York Times, draws from his mind-boggling, multiple award-winning new book, DEEP: Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us about Ourselves. He'll describe how groups of athletes and scientists plumbed ocean depths, and researchers collaborating with engineers from Apple, Google and elsewhere worked to "crack" the cetacean language code and send back messages to these giant marine mammals - to make contact. Their weird and wondrous new discoveries might just redefine our understanding of the ocean, and of ourselves. Another amazing guest with unbelievable experiences to share with us. This show made possible due to the generous support of the Chapman Automotive Group.
February 25
Meet the Feral Agrarian
Ariel Greenwood
Ariel Greenwood calls herself a "feral agrarian"- one who works at the intersection of agriculture and the wild. Currently she is the resident grazier at a research preserve where she manages a herd of cattle to restore its grasslands as part of Holistic Ag. She is also orchard manager at the renowned Occidental Arts and Ecology Center and blogs at but she is hard to capture in words. She   grew up unschooled in the wilds of the rural Southeast. In college, she studied agroecology and psychology while working with community gardens and private farms. She has grown produce and raised livestock for families, five star restaurants, and tech companies. And she has strong opinions about many things related to restoring grasslands and raising cattle - among other things.  And I want to hear as many of them as I can. This show made possible due to the generous support of The Fairfax Companies

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