March 22nd, 2019

For the past few weeks of our message series, The Waiting Room, we've been learning about different seasons of waiting, the many reasons we wait and our undeniable need to expand our trust in God and lean further into dependence on Him. But when we find ourselves impatiently twiddling our thumbs, pacing the room, waiting for God's timing, what should we do? Why? Well, you'll just have to wait till Sunday.

Join us as we look to scripture and continue to understand more pieces of the puzzle in our faith journey and ceaseless pursuit of Christ.

Pastor Jeff will be speaking in the Auditorium for the Contemporary Worship services. Pastor Nick will be speaking in the Sanctuary for the Traditional Worship services.

Food Drive
This Sunday is the collection day for Mission Lexington's food drive! Don't forget to bring your bags with the specified non-perishable food items with you to church on Sunday to drop off at the Mission Lexington truck. The Mission Lexington truck will be parked in the breezeway between the East and West campus buildings.

If you're new to Mission Lexington, they're one of our local ministry partners. Formerly known as LICS, Mission Lexington provides essential resources and guidance to our Lexington County neighbors in moments of crisis.They do incredible work and meet over 30,000 needs each year, ranging from helping an elderly couple with food to funeral expenses for a child. After many years of partnering in ministry, we believe in the vision and effective work of Mission Lexington.
Let's help our local ministry partner and generously help them re-stock their food pantry shelves.

If you'd like a list of food items to donate, click here.

*Note: Disregard single-serving size requirement; Mission Lexington just doesn't need mega-serving-size food items.

Married People
We have three Married People events coming up soon. If you're unfamiliar with Married People, these are great opportunities to strengthen a marriage and enjoy  a fun, casual evening for couples to relax and laugh together.

April 10
Money is one of the biggest causes of conflict in every marriage. This happens because we enter marriage with different approaches to money. But when you start approaching money together, it can create connection. Talking about money forces you both to communicate and compromise.

April 24
Our individual issues can cause serious conflict in our marriages. It's much easier to sweep away the distracting cobwebs than to actually kill the spider causing them. In other words, we medicate surface-level issues without addressing deeper-root problems. But when we embrace God's plan for our life, we can kill the spider once and for all.

May 1
In marriage, we tend to have serious fights about silly things. That happens because we're really in conflict over something deeper. Women's insecurities around fear and men's weaknesses around shame play off one another in explosive ways. We can choose to handle these conflicts differently by remembering what's true about us as children of God.

Join us in the Auditorium for these evenings of fun and learning.


Concerts At Mt Horeb

Don't miss our next concert on March 31st at 7:00pm. We are thrilled to have The Isaacs, a bluegrass southern gospel group, with us for a second time. Those that came to see them several years ago, will tell you this is not a concert you want to miss. Tickets are available now at

VBS 2019
Make plans to join us for the best week of the summer, June 17th -21st!  There will be three fun filled sessions to choose from!

AM Session: 9:00 to 12:00
AF Session: 1:30 to 4:30
PM Session: 6:00 to 8:30

Online registration for children and volunteers opens April 14th.