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Back in June we announced that the MWV Trails Association received an Award of $300,000 from CDFA (Community Development Finance Authority) Tax Rebate Program. The good news is we have placed $200,000 of these to small businesses in the Mt. Washington Valley. On the flip side we still have $100,000 more to receive in pledges. 

To give you some background of the CDFA, you might be familiar with the same program awarded to Mountain Top Music a couple of years ago for the renovation of the Bolduc Block in Conway Village. Basically most local businesses who pay NH payroll, Bus Enterprise or other NH taxes could utilize the CDFA Tax Rebate Program. The real advantage is that most of the money from the these small businesses would be paying the State anyway and brought back here to the Valley, and NOT lost in Concord. In this case the money would go specifically for the design and construction of the North Conway Rec Path. 

There is a carrying cost that each Rebate purchaser would incur. Here's how it works, there is between 15-17% bottom line cost (mostly for administration) for each business that pledges. So, for each $1,000 on pledges the cost would be $150-170. For $5,000 the cost would be about $750 and the project would see the majority of the face amount of the $5,000!

If you are a small business owner and interested in more information on how you can donate through the CDFA Tax Rebate program, please contact Ted Wroblewski at (603) 387-7581 to obtain written information. You may also contact your CPA. MWVTA Treasurer, Darren Celso would be happy to confer with your financial person. 
Also, no money is due until July 2019 at the earliest as it’s for the State of NH fiscal year 2020 which runs 7/1/19 to 6/30/20. Right now, all we need is your pledge! 

Bring your friends and family and enjoy walking, running, biking, bird watching, admire the river and mountain views. Explore our existing trails and find more recreation paths in New Hampshire and New England . For more information visit .
On behalf of MWV Trails Association Capital Campaign Committee, Board of Directors, and MWV Rec Path Committee, thank you for your support and believing in the North Conway Rec Path project. Your generous contribution truly makes a difference in this community. From everyone at MWV Trails Association, we wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. 

A project of this scale needs support and involvement from the community!

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