• Our latest blog: Landlords shine through, as do tenants during the crisis, with important lessons to be learned.
  • Governor Newsom provides property tax relief amid a patchwork of rules.
  • Opposing state bills for COVID-19 relief have vastly different consequences for the rental housing industry.
  • Latest updates and insights from our friends at SPOSF.
  • Webinar planned later in the month on everything Accessory Dwelling Units.
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It may be the nature of the media, if not human nature, to fasten onto what is wrong and not pay attention to what is right - after all, a visual fire of a residential building is more interesting and newsworthy than a building sitting there pristine with no incidents and residents walking their dogs outside.

Rent strikes are the proverbial burning building, but in our latest blog on landlords shining through in this crisis, we submit that the sensationalist images of protesters are an aberration and attempt to answer the question of whether there are unidentified opportunities for owners to unearth during these times.

With some back and forth on when property taxes are due without incurring a penalty, Governor Newsom has once again reconciled a patchwork of local rules by issuing much-needed relief for owners, the subject of our latest update .

In another update , we compare and contrast two state bills being incubated, one that would have disastrous consequences for the rental property industry and another piece of legislation that takes a more balanced approach by providing relief to rental property owners.

Finally, we set the broad strokes of a webinar planned for later this month, and since we don’t work on an island in disseminating information, share the May newsletter for our friends at the Small Property Owners of San Francisco. 

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Landlords and property managers shine through during COVID

We all know that landlords and tenants alike are facing rapid changes and growing uncertainties during the public health crisis, but California lawmakers have wildly different versions on how to provide relief.

As municipalities grapple with formulating public policies on property tax collections amid COVID-19, Governor Newsom issues relief.

A wealth of information germane to owners and operators in San Francisco, served by Noni, Peter and company.

Daniel Bornstein will be joining an expert panel on Accessory Dwelling Units, or in-law units or granny flats, whatever term you like. We'll have more details next week.
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