Last Call for Registration!
It is that time of year, when local organizations generally pause, reflect, celebrate, and share their experiences and work of the past year. Then there was COVID, and we lost and postponed many of these events and gatherings. 

Now, we are coming back and coming back strong! 

Thursday, June 16th, a broad and deep cross-section of our local communities’ meaningful accomplishments will be on display. As you have seen in recent United Way messaging, UWTC will be celebrating a successful year of resource development and community programs that contributed meaningfully to lives and organizations across Tompkins County.

Please join UWTC volunteers, friends, and staff at Stewart Park, Thursday, June 16, from 3-5 pm, for ice cream, sorbet, cold beverages, carousel rides, games, and more. Along the way, you will have interactive opportunities to see some of the people, groups, and employers who help make local life stronger each day.

There is more! 

If you travel a short way up Cayuga Lake following our event, Girl Scout volunteers and staff at Camp Comstock will share with you the excitement they are generating and have planned. Across Tompkins County and environs, we are fortunate to have a rich base of youth services and programs.

While strong and constantly improving, this base of resources can and must be expanded to serve a more diverse population of children, youth, and families. Working together, we are building more connected, safe, and learning communities and organizations that work effectively for all.  

This special day will begin with Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce’s Bruncheon and Annual Celebration & Award Ceremony at Ithaca College’s Emerson Suites. This special event launches the Chamber’s 125th Anniversary activities and a celebratory day for our communities, the Chamber, Girl Scouts, and UWTC. For more information, visit:

Register for the Tompkins Chamber Bruncheon:

Register for the Girl Scouts Open House:

But wait, there is so much more! 

Giving is Gorges will take place on the longest day of the year, June 21st. In the UW Network, we have annually made this longest day our worldwide Day of Action.  

UWTC is proud to participate in this day of global philanthropy. We are honored to partner with GiveGab and Visions Federal Credit Union for a day of action that will touch every part of our local communities – Giving Is Gorges. 

If you know community organizations that have not registered to participate in Giving is Gorges, please encourage them to register and take part in this valuable activity.  

Following is more detailed information on the events mentioned above. I hope you are able to participate in some if not all of the events mentioned in this document.

With gratitude and until next time, James  

James A. Brown (he/him/his)
President and CEO 
About Giving is Gorges

The purpose of this powerful giving experience is to unite our community members around causes in which they truly believe and support local nonprofit organizations doing important, impactful work.

Giving is Gorges, established in 2015 by a collaborative group, is now hosted by United Way of Tompkins County with Visions Federal Credit Union sponsoring the event on the GiveGab platform. As with all United Way donor designations, 100% of donor gifts will go to their chosen nonprofits.

On June 21 -- a powerful day and traditionally United Way's "Day of Action" -- we will collectively generate excitement and multiply resources for organizations doing great work all over Tompkins County. This is a unique opportunity to highlight how we can work together to share commitments and build a stronger sense of community.

Please help us spread the word about this impactful day as we continue to encourage Tompkins County to give gorges-ly.
If you have any questions, please contact United Way of Tompkins County at 
607-500-GIVE during business hours.