A question from director Catherine Gund:

"In the last five years of my work as a documentary filmmaker, I've had the sheer pleasure of focusing on two bad-ass women artists, Chavela Vargas and Elizabeth Streb. I'm wondering who are some of your most inspirational bad-ass women artists, whose life and personality drives home universal messages of bravery, independence, passion, brilliance, beauty, magic, and love?" 

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We are thrilled to announce that Music Box will be the distributor for Chavela in the USA!

Where to find  Chavela next!

Seattle International Film Festival 
Seattle, Washington
May 19, 2017 Friday @ 6:00pm, Cinema Uptown Theater
May 20, 2017 Saturday @ 11:00am, Pacific Place Cinemas
Q-Doc Film Festival
Portland, Oregon
May 20, 2017 Saturday @ 6:00pm
AFI Docs
Washington, D.C.
June 16, 2017 Friday @ 11am, AFI Silver T2
June 17, 2017 Saturday @ 9:00pm, E Street T6
Provincetown Film Festival
Provincetown, Rhode Island
June 14-18, 2017  Date & Time TBA
Thank you for joining us at the Montclair Film Festival! 
We had a fabulous time sharing  Chavela with our local Aubin team on the big screen!
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