Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence for Virginia-DC-Maryland
Photo by Greg Hadley
One of Foxcraft's award-winning projects. This bath -- whic h includes in-floor heating, won three national awards -- one from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, Professional Remodeler Magazine, and another from Qualified Remodeler.
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Foxcraft Wins Five Awards for 
Northern Virginia Remodeling Project!

We're very excited to announce that Foxcraft has won five awards - local,regional and national - for excellence in a major bathroom  renovation it completed at a home in Great Falls (see photo above and press coverage  about the awards and another article about trends we've spotted in remodeling ).   
Jim Lynch of Foxcraft shows off the company's recent awards
The winning project was a complete redesign and remodel of the master bath and walk-in closets to become a master bath and dressing room inside a 1970s-era home. At the national level, Foxcraft won an award from Professional Remodeler Magazine, a Chrysalis Award from Qualified Remodeler Magazine and a National CotY Award from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).  
25 Years and Going Strong 
FOXCRAFT  is one of the most creative, experienced and respected design-build firms in the Virginia-DC-Maryland region. We've been here for 25 years. 

Clients love working with us not

only for our creativity and our proven ability to turn their  ideas into beautiful, nationa l award winning living spaces, but because of  our professional , responsive and friendly team members. 


Many of our clients have brought us with them from house to house and some have even come back to us 5-10 times for new projects. That's a very strong vote of confidence in our entire team!  We are problem solvers -- we have strong real estate ties and have the skill and background to adapt homes of any age for today's lifestyles. 


Our clients consider us trusted advisors even before purchasing a new home, and they consult with us on the feasibility of remodeling projects in their current or next homes.  


We have a deep understanding of the varied styles of homes built in the DC region over the past 100 years.  


Thank you!


Chandler Fox,   President 
Mike Blood,  Vice President & COO


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Mudrooms: The Secret 
to a Well-Organized 
and Clean Home   
One of the best solutions to keeping your entire home clean and your family organized and ready for anything is the mudroom.  Foxcraft clients love to add these spaces to their
remodel projects -- sometimes as part of larger remodels and sometimes as separate projects -- because they provide excellent organization and storage, cleanliness and functionality.  
  • Organization and Storage: Mudrooms provide places for virtually anything that needs to be handy near a door to the outside - perhaps a rack for hanging backpacks, coats and jackets, and a place to store shoes and sports equipment.  Storage can include just a few cubbies or
    more ample cabinets or both.  Mudrooms often make perfect laundry rooms.  Dirty clothes go into hampers and then straight into the washer.  Other features we've installed in these everyday entrance spaces include:
  • Coat closets
  • Shoe racks
  • Storage for dog leashes and other pet supplies, a place to put feeding bowls and litter boxes and even a pet-wash station.
  • Work stations for simple computer tasks and bill paying
  • Benches to sit on while lacing on or removing shoes
  • Recycling bins
  • Baskets for hats, gloves and scarves
  • Key hooks
  • Repair workbenches with storage for small tools
  • Cleanliness: A mudroom provides a portal to trap dirt and keep it from being tracked throughout the house. Familymembers can leave muddy shoes and other soiled clothes there. Add utility mats or area rugs to the floor to help collect additional dirt from shoes.  Make sure the mats are non-skid and washable. Install an easy-to-clean floor. Vinyl, tile, stone and concrete are all non-porous materials that don't require much maintenance.
  • Functionality: Pick an entrance to your home near the most used area of the house.  Unfortunately, kitchens, for example, can be near driveways and backyards making them mudrooms by default. Garages are often transition areas from the outside so when you add a garage, add a mudroom too. Or you can convert a section of an existing garage. Utility rooms also make good mudrooms if they
    have outside entrances. If you have a door separating it from the rest of the house, you might enjoy an energy-saving buffer because outdoor air won't enter.  Make sure entry doors are airtight. A bath-type exhaust fan with a timer is a nice addition - be sure to vent it outdoors, of course. Also consider a heated floor to help the room dry faster and to get the moisture out of shoes and other clothes.
We're experts at designing and building mudrooms and all types of everyday entrances to suit any family's lifestyle.  Please contact us to see whether a mudroom makes sense for your home.

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