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August 28, 2014
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A Message from Mayor Nina Jonas: The Ethos of Backcountry Hunting

Idaho is blessed with an abundance of public wild lands. With our wild lands come wild life and the heritage of hunting. Idahoans have been hunting for centuries. Last year, approximately 25 percent, or a total of 383,405 Idaho residents, acquired licenses. A variety of hunting opportunities are available in Idaho, but the most popular is the annual fall big game hunt.

Each year, local Benji Hill, acquires his license and prepares for his hunt. Benji is a bow hunter. He makes his own bow out of hickory and uses arrows with a flint point. He takes a shot at an animal from a range of 10-12 yards. Benji's personal evolution of hunting has taught him to earn the kill and respect the animal. Benji is a backcountry hunter who seeks solitude, connection to the land and a sustainable life source. He espouses the best ethos of the Backcountry Hunters & Anglers and shares his knowledge with others.

Idaho's big game season runs from mid-August to as late as mid-February in "units" throughout the state. Archery season begins as early as Aug. 15, general any-weapon season begins as early as Sept. 15 and trapping season's height begins Oct. 15. Pet owners should be aware of the potential presence of traps within five feet of any maintained public trail or 300 feet of any designated public campground, trailhead, or picnic area. Hunters must be in possession of a valid Idaho hunting license, have appropriate tags or permits and be at least 10 years of age. Particulars of hunting hours, dates, units and species is exhaustive and one must check with Idaho Fish and Game to know the current seasons rules.

We can co-exist with Idaho's history of hunting, a means of providing food for many families. As we celebrate our history with Wagon Days this weekend, let us work together with mutual respect for our heritage and traditions.


Do you have a question for Mayor Nina Jonas?

When does the city of Ketchum's contract with Cox Communications come up for renewal? I know that when Cox's contract with Sun Valley came up for renewal years ago, it only renewed it with the proviso that a number of criteria be met by Cox within a set time period. I sincerely and fervently hope that when the city of Ketchum's contract with Cox likewise comes up for renewal, it likewise does not merely rubber-stamp Cox's new contract, but instead seeks to make them truly and lastingly accountable for their actions (and inactions) where both their cable TV and their Internet service are concerned. - John Pluntze

Since the city of Sun Valley renewed its franchise, the state has taken over authority for granting cable television franchises. The city of Ketchum no longer has authority over this. We suggest that you contact our state legislators, Sen. Michelle Stennett, Rep. Steven Miller and Rep. Donna Pence. Please keep us posted. If we continue to hear complaints from our citizens, the city will join you in asking the state to review the franchise. It currently expires in 2022.

Idaho State Legislature 
P.O. Box 83720 
Boise, ID 83720-0081 (Senate) 
Phone: (208) 332-1000 
Toll Free: 800-626-0471 
Email: idleginfo@lso.idaho.

It would be nice if this (regulations against leaving motors idling for more than three minutes) was enforced across the street from City Hall. There always seems to be a car idling in front of Atkinsons' Market. - Dewolla Mapson

Thank you so much for noting this. We will make a point to check at Atkinsons' more often. In the meantime, the police department is across the street. If you have time to walk across the street and stop by the station, there is usually an officer in the station who can respond immediately.

I challenge you to accept the ALS ice-bucket challenge - Silver Creek Outfitters

I accept, and I also challenge my husband, Andreas Heaphy, and Sun Valley Mayor Dewayne Briscoe.
Those One-of-a-Kind Wagon Days Jobs
We thought you'd like to know more about Grand Marshal Jane Eittreim; her son, Ryan, who has been a Wagon Days volunteer since he was 5 years old, and muleskinner Bobby Tanner, who drives the 20-mule team pulling the ore wagons.

Jane Eittreim, Grand Marshal
Grand Marshal Jane Eittreim has been a volunteer for Wagon Days since the 1970s, according to Heather LaMonica Deckard, event coordinator. "Even when Jane worked full-time as a property manager, she found time to coordinate the picnic for the more than 400 parade participants each year," Decker said. "She also was one of the first organizers of the Papoose Club pancake breakfast. She has never had a public role but instead does the behind-the-scenes work that is the backbone of the weekend's success. We are so pleased that she will receive public recognition this year."

"Jane represents the type of person who makes Ketchum such a wonderful community," Mayor Nina Jonas said. "She has never sought recognition for herself but instead has simply done her part to make this a better place for all of us."

Ryan Eittreim, Brakeman
Jane Eittreim's son, Ryan, will return from Park City, Utah, to serve as a brakeman on the ore wagons. When Ryan was 5 years old in 1976, he got to ride in a yellow stagecoach and be part of the "shoot-out gang" that previously performed on Main Street. As a teenager, he graduated to being one of the poop scoopers on roller blades who clean the parade route throughout the event each year. He still comes back every year to work as a brakeman and help assemble the horses and mules in the parade.

Bobby Tanner, Muleskinner So far as he knows, Bobby Tanner is the only person in the world who operates a 20-mule team on a jerk line.

"I've been working with mules my whole life," the muleskinner said, adding that he started training 20-mule teams on a jerk line about two decades ago. The jerk line is a single line linking all the mules and gets its name because the muleskinner controls them by a series of jerks on the line.

Tanner started working in Wagon Days in 2001 when the owner of the draft horses that formerly pulled the ore wagons retired. Wagon Days organizers had seen Tanner in the Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif., and asked him to bring his team to Ketchum.

"It's an honor to pull such magnificent wagons," he said. "These are original wagons in mint condition, and there simply aren't any others in existence. It's a great parade."

Tanner lives in Bishop, Calif.

What's New at Wagon Days
The newly refurbished Ore Wagon Museum, East Avenue and Fifth Street, is Wagon Days headquarters for the first time this year and souvenir posters, tee shirts, and other items are available. New displays detailing Ketchum's history will be officially dedicated Saturday after the parade, around 2:30 p.m.

Kids' Adventure Games at River Run, co-sponsored by the city to offer child-oriented activities, are on the calendar for the first time this year.  "Adventure" races offer children ages 6-14 a chance to learn teamwork, have fun and build confidence on race courses that may include anything from zip lines to rope bridges. There's a video of these games too.

One of the newest additions is Rebecca's Private Idaho, a Sunday mountain bike ride sponsored by Rebecca Rusch, winner of multiple world cycling championships and a Ketchum volunteer firefighter. There are two routes, the Small Fry of 56 miles, and the Big Potato, traversing 94 miles. The event raises money for the Wood River Bike Coalition and other charities. Even if you don't go on the ride, you can join the party afterwards at Town Square. See video of last year's inaugural ride here.

Cowboy poets and Western musicians will offer impromptu performances throughout town Friday and Saturday, also for the second time this year.

Don't remember when the parade starts or the hours for the pancake breakfast, where Mayor Jonas will appear as a celebrity pancake flipper? For a complete schedule, visit

Click here for the complete schedule.

Details, Details, Details: Traffic Signs and Trash Cans
A successful public event, someone once said, depends on proper management of the three T's: toilets, trash and traffic. Ketchum has detailed plans for all three, and virtually every city department is involved.

Five dumpsters, as well as numerous smaller trash receptacles, have been ordered, and special trips to empty them are scheduled. Approximately 25 portable toilets will be placed at locations throughout town. The street department has a five-page checklist, beginning with safety checks on the historic ore wagons. There is a day-by-day checklist for erecting electronic traffic signs, placing no-parking cones along the parade route, and a timetable for setting up and dismantling bleachers.

Every public park in the city has long been booked for events ranging from the Rotary Duck Race in Rotary Park to the Papoose Club Pancake Breakfast in Town Square to an arts and antique show in Forest Service Park. The parks and recreation staff, as well as the street department staff, already have helped paint and clean the Ore Wagon Museum, serving as Wagon Days headquarters. The parks department normally works seven days a week, and even more staff members will be on hand to be sure that Wagon Days go smoothly.
Use Solar in Below-Zero Temperatures? Find Out How Sept. 10
Tim Cron, owner of the Stanley Baking Co. and 1931-vintage Sawtooth Hotel, will speak Sept. 10 about his use of solar energy in a community where temperatures dip below zero 60 days a year and frost has occurred in every single month.

Cron will be one of several speakers at Ketchum's second energy Town Hall, sponsored by the city of Ketchum's Energy Advisory Committee. The meeting, which starts at 5:15 p.m. at City Hall, will focus on ways to make businesses and homes more energy-efficient.

Other speakers will include Aimee Christensen, energy committee chair, and Rebecca Bundy, sustainable residential designer and senior planner for the city of Ketchum. Information on federal and state grants for energy conservation also will be available.

Cron installed rooftop solar panels on the Stanley Hotel to heat water to temperatures of 130 degrees in the summer and 100 degrees in the winter. The water then circulates through a radiant heating system, reducing his propane bill significantly. Although there were some upfront costs, Cron said a federal grant plus a 25 percent tax credit made the project financially feasible.

The city energy committee's role is to evaluate cost-effective ways of bringing reliable, secure, price-stable and cleaner energy to the Wood River Valley. Local solar energy production and storage are among the possible solutions, said Chair Aimee Christensen.

The committee plans two additional Town Halls on energy. The first, held in July, focused on local energy sources and whether a second, backup power line is needed in the Wood River Valley.

For additional information, email

Police Seek Help in Identifying Stolen Items
Ketchum police are asking for help in identifying items stolen during a series of recent burglaries in the Warm Springs and West Ketchum areas.

"We would like to be able to return the items to their owners," Detective Kristen Quinton said. "We also will be unable to prosecute unless we can identify the items as stolen property," she added.

Two adults and one juvenile have been arrested for breaking into cars and homes, many of which were unlocked, she said. In several cases, individuals gained entry to homes by taking garage door openers from unlocked cars in driveways.

"Ketchum is a very safe town, and it will be even safer if people take precautions that are normal in most other communities," she pointed out.

She recommended locking vehicles and homes, as well as removing valuables from vehicles. Bicycles should be locked or placed in areas where they cannot easily be seen from the street.

"We also want people to call us if they hear or see anything unusual," she added. "Too many people are used to cities where the police are unable to respond unless it is a life-threatening situation. Ketchum is a small town and we have time to answer calls reporting suspicious activity. If you are going to be out of town, we will make extra patrols in your neighborhood to check on your home."

For additional information, call the police department at 726-7819.

Contacting Visit Sun Valley
Have an idea for Visit Sun Valley? Contact an Advisory Committee member! Each major funder, the cities of Ketchum and Sun Valley and Sun Valley Resort, appoints one member of the board. These three members, in turn, appoint two at-large community representatives to make up a five-member board. Other Visit Sun Valley members, individuals and businesses that join the group, elect an advisory board. Members and their email links are as follows:

Board Members: Advisory Committee: 
 Marty Albertson, Chair  Gail Severn 
 Stephen Cannon  Tom Nickel 
 Wendy Jaquet  Bob Rosso 
 Tim Silva  Rob Cronin 
 Olin Glenne  Bert Witsil 

Ketchum Hosts BAH
Plans for Ketchum's new luxury hotel and business communication in the Wood River Valley were among the topics at yesterday's Business After Hours at the Ore Wagon Museum.

This also marked the first time that the city has hosted a BAH. The Ore Wagon Museum was available, since the historic wagons usually housed in the museum are on display on the street for this weekend's Wagon Days celebration.

Jack Bariteau, project director of the luxury hotel announced for Ketchum earlier this month, credited passage of the 1 percent local-option tax for air service for enabling his group to obtain financing. Though the hotel will be called Auberge Sun Valley when it opens in late 2017, he promised that it will have a "uniquely Ketchum feel." Hotel operator will be Auberge Resorts Collection, award-winning owner and operator of boutique luxury hotels, resorts, residences and private clubs.

Steve Johnston, publisher of The Weekly Sun, discussed the need to bring business communities in the Wood River Valley closer together. In keeping with that theme, the October SUPER-BAH will include the Sun Valley/Ketchum, Hailey and Bellevue BAHs and will be held at the Sun Valley Air Club at Friedman Memorial Airport in Hailey.

July 2014 Local Option Tax
Enjoy Town Square Tunes Tonight 
Frida's Eyebrows, a vocal/ukulele ensemble, will perform at Town Square Tunes tonight from 6-8. The location, as you might guess, is Town Square on East Avenue between Sun Valley Road and Fourth Street. Next week's concert, the last of the season, will feature Dewey Picket and Howe.

Forests, Foraging & Fires 
This exhibit is at the Sun Valley Center through Nov. 12. "In the Wood River Valley, our forests are our lifeblood; their majestic beauty attracts people to our resort community," the Center notes.

Hemingway's Cuba 
The 2014 Ernest Hemingway Festival will take place at The Community Library from Wednesday, Sept. 3 to Saturday, Sept. 6, with support from Boise State University and the Idaho Humanities Council. It will include a tour of "Hemingway Haunts" by local guide Jim Jaquet.

Celebrate 50 Years of Wilderness 
The Idaho Conservation League will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act on Wednesday, Sept. 3, at 5 p.m. with a BBQ and music at Forest Service park.

City Council 
Attend the next City Council meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 2. City Council meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month in Ketchum City Hall. Click here to see the agenda and staff reports or scan the QR code.

Planning and Zoning Commission 
Planning and Zoning Commission meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. The next P&Z meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 8 in Ketchum City Hall. Click here for agendas and staff reports or scan the QR code.

Public Comment 
If you cannot attend the Council or P&Z meetings and have an opinion, please submit your comments via email to Your input and engagement is encouraged. All comments will be reviewed. 
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