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Mullet Bay once again takes center stage

No one on St. Maarten, living and working on the island in the 70s and 80s, was not affected by Mullet Bay in one form or another. Every family had at least one or more relatives that worked at Mullet Bay. Many professionals today on St. Maarten...

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5 new active COVID-19 cases

PHILIPSBURG - As of September 7th St. Maarten has confirmed five (5) new cases of persons who have tested positive for COVID-19. The new total of positive cases now stands at five hundred and sixteen (516). The Collective Prevention Services...

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SMMC launches video on its Auxiliary Care Facility

CAY HILL: In an effort to weather any possible storms, St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) has made arrangements for its COVID care facilities that are located outside SMMC, to be made more storm resilient. The new care facilities are referred to...

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A supercomputer analyzed COVID-19  with interesting results

Earlier this summer, the Summit supercomputer at Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee set about crunching data on more than 40,000 genes from 17,000 genetic samples in an effort to better understand COVID-19. The result is an interesting theory.

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The Mullet Bay dossier
Mullet Bay property at the heart of ENNIA's pension problems

Mullet Bay property is on the books at ENNIA for hundreds of millions of guilders. The property was being used as collateral for loans extended by ENNIA to entities under the control of its majority shareholder and chairman of the board at the time..

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Time for appropriate action

By Hilbert Haar ~ Giving back Mullet Bay to the people - the lofty objective behind MP Rolando Brison's proposal for a parliamentary inquiry into the state of affairs with the location of the former Mullet Bay Resort - is not going to be a walk in...

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Mullet Bay to take center stage

The parliamentary inquiry proposal submitted by member of Parliament Rolando Brison as faction leader of the United St. Maarten Party (USP) aims to shed light on the decades long pressing question of the ownership structure of the Mullet Bay...

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Minister Doran: Country Sint Maarten intends to appeal...

PHILIPSBURG - The Honorable Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment & Infrastructure, Mr. Egbert Doran, has taken notice of the decision laid down by the Judge in the Court of First Instance dated Friday, September 4, pertaining ...

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Theoretical driving exams suspended until September 21

The Inspectorate of the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications (Ministry TEATT), hereby announces that due to circumstances beyond its control theoretical driving exams are suspended until September 21, 2020. This ...

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Established Project Group Move Forward with Function Books

POND ISLAND - The Project Group Function Books Ministry of Justice, established by Ministerial Decree, held its kick-off meeting on Friday, September 4th, 2020, at the Government Administration Building, with all its members and support staff in...

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GRACITA: "Parliament has not only the Power but the...

PHILIPSBURG - Gracita Arrindell states: "the current state of governance is critical as our island continues to grapple with business closures, under- use of Trust Fund millions, archaic government IT network, administrators who congratulate...

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Creating a new normal for the future

by Cdr. Bud Slabbaert I don't know when it was, the night of December 31, 2020 or December 2021, that I heard a leading politician make the statement: "We have seen hardship, we have seen triumph. We shall see more of both. We stood strong in faith.

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Topsalarissen ONV's lager

Van een onzer verslaggevers Willemstad - Om te kunnen voldoen aan de voorwaarden van de tweede tranche liquiditeitssteun uit Nederland is het topinkomen bij overheids-nv's (ONV's) naar beneden bijgesteld: van 290.000 gulden naar 256.000 gulden....

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Testinstructeur Statia zelf positief getest

Van onze correspondent Oranjestad - Een instructeur die afgelopen donderdag aankwam op Sint Eustatius om de medische staf van het ziekenhuis te trainen in gebruik van de PCR-testapparatuur, testte zondag zelf positief op het coronavirus. Tot nu...

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Jarenlange discussie met Nederland eindigt in rode cijfers

THE BOTTOM, SABA - "Er is een discussie die al langer loopt en die wij nog aan het voeren zijn met Saba over de vrije uitkering. Maar dat is heel wat anders dan dat we Saba laten bungelen", reageert staatssecretaris Raymond Knops (KR)...

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Demonstranten overhandigen petitie aan 'piraat' Knops

WILLEMSTAD - "Ik vind het onbegrijpelijk dat Nederland deze maatregelen afdwingt in deze tijd", zegt één van de demonstranten tegen de eisen van Nederland aan Curaçao om de derde tranche coronaleningen te krijgen. "Voor ons voelt het alsof we...

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Sport & Creative Industries hosts Virtual Open House

PHILIPSBURG - This year, the Annual Sport & Creative Industries Open House will be presented as a virtual online event via the Facebook pages of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, the Department of Sports & the Department of...

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Fire Chief Clive Richardson: "Remain Vigilant."

GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) - Fire Chief and National Disaster Coordinator Clive Richardson, is once again appealing to the community of Sint Maarten to be prepared as the country is now in the peak period of the 2020 Atlantic hurricane...

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Who Defends the interests of the Local Airline Industry?

26SharesBy Harald Linkels Since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, global aviation has hit an unprecedented turbulence. Even the two oldest airlines of the world, Dutch KLM and Colombian Avianca, both of which celebrated their 100th anniversary...

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Dutch launch €20bn investment fund to boost prosperity...

The cabinet has set up a €20bn investment fund which will put money into boosting economic growth and maintaining prosperity over the coming five years. The National Growth fund will focus on projects which develop skills and expertise, the...

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Sigrid Kaag wins D66 leadership contest by a landslide

Sigrid Kaag has been chosen as the new leader of Liberal democratic party D66 with 95.7% of the vote, and will lead the party into the 2021 general election. Kaag, who is trade minister in the current coalition government, had one challenger -...

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Citizens can buy into Hema for €10

A citizens' initiative set up to stop 'loveless' investors taking outright control of Dutch housewares chain Hema is issuing shares for €10. The group, known as Het Enige Nederlandse Alternatief (The only Dutch alternative) or Hena wants to join...

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