CHRISSY CARTER will be back at BYS Yoga in
just a few weeks!  Sign up soon and save your spot to study with this incredible guest
teacher from NYC!

As an official Studio Partner for Wanderlust Stratton, we're pleased to announce that we'll have access to a special Wanderlust discount code for our community...  stay tuned for more details!

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I've spent this week, like most, wearing lots of hats... not literally, but I've been a bit more conscious of the many roles of my life: yoga teacher, studio owner, neighbor, board member, designer, sister, daughter, friend, wife,.... the list goes on.

I know that I'm not unique in this.  We all play myriad roles not only throughout our lives but in each and every day.  I sometimes find it hard to reconcile all of these parts of myself.  Like many things in my life, I often want to separate, compartmentalize, and organize them.  But, I'm realizing more and more that that isn't the way to approach it.  I'm discovering that the roles often overlap because of WHO I AM and not just WHAT I DO.

WHO YOU ARE is much different than WHAT YOU DO, but they certainly influence, inform, and inspire each other and our yoga practice is a great way to explore and get glimpses of that relationship.  Authentically bringing together and embracing all the many parts of myself in the present often brings some much needed perspective when things start to seem a bit stress-filled or overwhelming.

Here's to our multi-faceted, beautiful lives and the awareness and abilities to move through them with a sense of mindfulness from our yoga!  And, let's not forget a shout out to the versatility of leggings, a sweater and pair of flats to make the necessary clothing transformations along the way! 
w/ Nicole Zellie Lann

FRIDAY, March 18th 2016
6:30-8 p.m.
supporting:  CASA of Allegheny County

by donation / pay what you wish

w/ Lynn Rescigno

starts this weekend...
SATURDAY, March 19th 2016

for more information, please visit: 

SATURDAY, March 19th 2016

7:30 p.m. door

0 p.m. show

$15 in advance
$20 at the door 

w/ Ashley O'Hara

SUNDAY, March 20th 2016
5:30-7 p.m.

regular class pricing

w/ Tyler Phan

March 24th 2016
March 31st 2016
April 14th 2016
May 5th 2016

2-5 p.m.

The events are open to the public and will be in an open space, no appointments required.

by donation

w/ Lilith Bailey Kroll

SATURDAY, March 26th 2016
1-3 p.m.

$25 in advance
$30 at the door

SATURDAY, April 2nd 2016
10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Breaking Down Arm Balances

2:30-4 p.m.
Everyday Yoga Philosophy

SUNDAY, April 3rd 2016
10 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Fundamentals, Alignment, and Anatomy of Shoulderstand

ENTIRE WEEKEND (3 workshops):
$108 in advance

$40 in advance
$45 at the door


w/ Joseph Carringer

SATURDAY, April 9th 2016
1-3 p.m.

$40 in advance
$50 at the door

There are many ways to take your Yoga out of the studio!  One way is to have access to more classes in more places!  We are thrilled to be teaming up with a few non-studio sites to bring additional weekly BYS Yoga classes into our community:
4:30-5:30 p.m.
South Side Market House Senior Center
w/ Kristi Rogers/Paul Richards/Holly Koenig
This class is open to everyone, but primarily focuses on offering a Level 1 class to active seniors.  The South Side Market House Senior Center is located around the corner from our studio in Bedford Square (12th Street). This class is located on the first floor (which means you don't always have to climb two flights of stairs for an awesome yoga class!). 
5:30-6:30 p.m.
Station Square (coordinated by MARC USA)
w/ Lynn Rescigno
This Level 1-2 class is open to all and is located on the second floor of the Freight House shops.
regular class pricing
(if you have a BYS Yoga class pass/package, you are welcome to use it at these sites - sign up just like you would for regular classes!)


Our friend and former instructor, Terry Gustas is in need of participants for her masters thesis study, " Yoga For Stress Reduction in Nursing Students."  If you are interested in participating, she'll be holding a few special all levels, 40-minute yoga classes at BYS Yoga in the coming weeks:
  • Tuesday, March 15th
  • Thursday, March 17th
  • Tuesday, March 22nd
  • Friday, March 25th
  • Tuesday, March 29th 

Classes will be held at 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. each day and are free to nursing students and by donation to the public. Class content will be determined by attendees.

For more information, you can contact Terry at:

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