Gasket Materials for OEM and Aftermarket
KLINGER Thermoseal’s Performance Technology Group is a unique product line of gaskets developed specifically for the Original Equipment and Aftermarket industries.

Each material is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability using varied processes and compounds and is targeted to meet a diverse range of performance and engineering requirements while satisfying demanding cost limitations.
Multi-Layer Technology Grades
A unique manufacturing process produces this sealing material with exceptional low flange pressure sealability and torque retention. 

Conformable outer layers prevent interfacial leakage while the strong, high density core provides structural support and prevents interstitial leakage. Suitable for heavy duty diesel, compressors, and high performance automotive engines.
Advantage Roll Goods Beater Add
This line of sealing material is comprised of NBR, SBR and polychloroprene bound beater addition materials supplied in roll form.

Advantage Roll Goods perform in a wide range of applications from low cost aftermarket to higher performing OEM seals. Advantage Roll Goods may well be nearly identical in composition and specification values to products that you are familiar with. Each is a reasonable alternative with comparable performance to other products in its category.
Multi-Layer Technology Grades and Advantage Roll Goods offer performance plus value. They present a complete, yet cost-effective solution for long-lasting sealability and permeation resistance to liquids and gases in a wide range of services. These include gaskets in diesel and gasoline engines and drivelines for all types of vehicles as well as gaskets in power equipment, generators, pumps, and compressors. 

Click here for product data sheets for our Multi-Layer and Advantage Roll product line.
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