City of Birmingham, MI
Multi-Modal Transportation Board


Multi-Modal Transportation Board (MMTB) Meeting Summary


January 8, 2015



The City of Birmingham's Multi-Modal Transportation efforts began in 2013 with the adoption of a Multi-Modal Transportation Plan as a means to review scheduled road improvements, while considering overall mobility improvements during the design review phase.  To facilitate this effort, a Multi-Modal Transportation Board ("MMTB") was established in 2014 to review all transportation-related projects in the City going forward. The MMTB's role in the design review phase is to consider elements of the Multi-Modal plan, as well as reviewing the data and information specific to a project while providing a forum for public input. The overall goal is to ensure that all projects will improve the quality of the transportation system for all users, ages and abilities, as practical, thus improving the quality of life in the City. Due to the high level of public interest in this project, monthly meeting summaries will be distributed via Constant Contact and posted on the MMTB webpage.


On January 8, 2015, the MMTB met and began to discuss the next transportation project in the Capital Improvement Plan, the resurfacing of W. Maple Road between Southfield and Cranbrook.  The creation of a separate steering committee was discussed for this corridor, similar to what has been done on several other projects in recent years. The intent for the steering committee is to find people who are interested in the corridor from different perspectives and get them to serve temporarily on the committee.  The steering committee's role is to review data, give additional opportunities for public discussion, make informal recommendations, and provide input from their meetings to the MMTB.  The steering committee will also serve as an opportunity to get a wider spectrum of stakeholders involved and invested in the process.  


The first steering committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 22 at 6 p.m.  It is expected that the steering committee will meet once per month, in between each regularly scheduled MMTB meeting, with the expectation that its job will be completed in April or May.  The Multi-Modal Transportation Board meets the first Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Municipal Building.  For additional information about the Multi-Modal Board's meetings visit

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