SVL | September 2018
SVL Introduces Drivers, Lights for Multi-Zone, Photometric, Multi-Wavelength Lighting
Smart Vision Lights introduces the RM75-4Z and the RM140-4Z four-zone LED mini ring lights, the first in a series of multi-zone ring lights. Sold in conjunction with the 4ZMD or 4WMD four-channel LED driver, the low-angle mini ring lights can be controlled with up to four separate lights or light channels. 
Photo courtesy of Matrox
Photometric Stereo Simplifies 3D Vision  
Photometric stereo for industrial applications uses 3D surface orientation and its effect on reflected light to produce a contrast image accentuating local 3D surface variations. The technique is gaining attention, thanks to new specialized algorithms, awareness of the importance of good lighting to machine vision success, and low-cost multi-light solutions such as Smart Vision Lights' LED Light Manager (LLM). Read more.
OverDrive™ Series Aids With Capturing High-Speed Images   
Have you ever wanted to see a BB in slow motion? In this video, Smart Vision Lights' OverDrive™ series of lights, specifically the ODS75 operating at 2000 SPS (strobes per second), captures a high-speed BB crossing a room. Learn more about the OverDrive™ series from SVL.   
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