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Welcome to New Scale News - LAB AUTOMATION edition - featuring micro motion systems and applications in medical and biomedical research. 

This month we focus on what's new with the Multi-Probe Micromanipulator for neural recording with high-density silicon probes.
NEW longer travel, higher load capacity for ground-breaking Multi-Probe Micromanipulator
The MPM System is the only micromanipulator designed specifically for positioning the new silicon probes used in acute in-vivo recording in electrophysiology research

D eveloped with leading neuroscience researchers, the MPM System enables independent automated positioning of five or more probe arms in the smallest space. It allows ample clear area for a virtual task environment.

Now with 15 mm of travel and a 200 gram maximum payload  for each motorized axis , the system supports silicon probes from NeuroNexus, Cambridge NeuroTech, and others. It can also be used to position optical waveguides or fibers for  optogenetic stimulation during neural recording. 
IMAGE_ Adjusting the manual arms
The probe arms are easily mounted on a ring in either upright or inverted configuration on a standard laboratory table.  Each probe arm has four degrees of freedom for initial pre-adjustment, and three axes of motorized motion for automated positioning. 

The motorized positioners allow precise control of x-y location and z insertion depth, automatically and independently moving each probe to the optimum location in the brain.

Up to five micropositioners - a total of 15 axes of automated motion - are controlled from a single PC screen. More arms can be added by using additional USBs and control windows. 
STARTER KIT for positioning a single probe. 
The MPM SYSTEM is configurable for one to five or more silicon probes. The stainless steel pre-positioning rod simplifies initial alignment and prevents damage to fragile probes. 
Developing a Multi-Probe Manipulator System for Neuroscience Research
Medical Design Technology (MDT) Magazine published the story behind the development of the MPM System. 

The article describes how New Scale worked with Dr. Josh Siegle of the Allen Institute for Brain Science to develop a system for simultaneous positioning of five IMEC probes with a total of 1920 electrodes. 

"We needed a practical solution for multi-probe, simultaneous measurements of interactions among neurons distributed throughout the brain," Siegle explained. 

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Physio-Tech Co., Ltd.
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Global BioTech
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SI Scientific Instruments GmbH
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Cambridge Neurotech
World-leading silicon neural probe technology
Tahl Holtzman, PhD
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