We hope you are keeping safe and well during these challenging times.

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We are writing to you today to announce the cancellation of the remaining events in the MultiSport Canada Triathlon Series.

This has been an awful decision for us to make, but we know it is the right choice as our top priority has been to bring you a Fun and Safe race experience.

One thing is certain: we will back with you in 2021, stronger and keener than ever before.

John Salt, Race Director.
Hello everyone,

This is the message I didn’t want to write. With heavy heart but clear mind, I am cancelling the 2020 edition of Barrelman. The race will return in 2021.

I made the decision to cancel the race after consulting with everyone involved in the planning and delivery of Barrelman. Athletes, medical professionals, EMS workers, sponsors, local officials, volunteer committees, and our safety team all agree. Proceeding with the race would mean unnecessarily and recklessly jeopardizing the health of more than 3000 athletes, family members, volunteers, race staff, police and EMS professionals, not to mention all those working locally in the hospitality industry who have made us feel so welcome in Welland and Niagara these past 5 years.

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2020 has definitely not been the year that anyone was expecting. With everything turned on its head and races off the calendar for a while it’s time to start looking for different options to stay fit and motivated. My main goal for 2020 was racing Kona in Oct after I turn 50 (having qualified in Wisconsin last year), but with that now being delayed a year it was time for something new. Taking a year off is just going to make you slower and left behind by the competition so it’s time to think outside of the box. For me that means adventure, doing something a bit different and pushing the limits. This means something different to everyone but now is the time to start thinking of some summer adventures.

As the summer of 2020 approaches, the aquatic industry shares a concern that there will be a risk on increased drownings in the coming months.

Spring swimming lesson sessions normally serve as among other things, a way to ensure that people of all ages have the necessary skills to enjoy the summer months and water with confidence in a pool, lake, river, ocean or on a watercraft. However, the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 has recently turned the world upside down and we feel it is important to ensure there is an awareness around the risk and safety issue.

Our daily lives have changed dramatically in the past few months as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the Ontario. We’d like to help explain what the virus means for cycling in Ontario. As of April, Cycle Toronto helped ensure that bicycle repair shops were in the Province’s list of Essential Businesses during this emergency.

So, you need some work done on your beautiful bike. Now what? Well the first step is to figure out who you will contact to get your sweet ride back in tip top shape....

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