April 29, 2019

Sometimes a job calls for a simple and cost effective solution. In other cases the details of the job call for something a little more involved and custom designed . Multicyl products are perfect for both, and design engineers often use them together in combination to engineer the perfect punching solution.

Consider the application in the picture shown here: a high volume and multiple part profile extrusion punching application .

In this one application our designers use the simplicity of Multicyl with Unipunch tooling in our PIB stations , the power of our 30 ton DL series Multicyl with a custom die set, and everything mounted on our MLR table with digital readouts for maximum versatility.

If you have a punching application let our designers review it and recommend the right type of equipment for you – we have the industry knowledge and products available to put together the right design and combination of products and work with you to meet your specific requirements to ensure success in your project.
As always you can contact us to request a quote for your application
– for aluminum extrusions or anything else you need to punch .
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