June 2017

Multicyl is often used for both standard and custom solutions with individual stations, either in single station or gang punching formation.   But did you know that Multicyl can also be used as a press alternative ?  

Take a look at this application which shows a 60" wide Unipunch template and tools being used as they would be on a standard press... except that this unit is powered by Multicyl with all the associated benefits: it is a press alternative which is safe, economically priced, and powered only by shop air.  

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Tonnage Calculator Use our   Tonnage Calculator to determine your force requirements.

To use our tonnage calculator select either the hole diameter or shear length option. Then select your material or fill in the tensile strength of the material you are using (KSI). Fill in the rest of the data and hit calculate. You will be given the tonnage requirement and a list of potential Multicyl cylinders for the application.

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