Arizona Department of Education (ADE) continues to send questions regularly to USDA in an effort to clarify programmatic guidance related to COVID-19 not yet released in formal memorandums. ADE has received clarification from the National Office that SFAs may distribute up to 5 days' worth of meals at one time. 

Please review the Q&A below for additional guidance on serving multiple meals at one time:

Q: May an SFA distribute multiple meals at one time?

A: Yes. While operating under both the meal time waiver and the non-congregate feeding waiver, SFAs may distribute multiple meals at one time to students or their parent/guardian. SFAs distributing meals for multiple days may provide up to 5 days' worth of meals at one time. Additionally, meals cannot be distributed for any days that curriculum is not being offered, such as weekends, holidays, and non-instructional days.
View more details on this update, as well as other COVID-19 resources, and more on our School Nutrition Programs COVID-19 Resource Webpage.
Stay tuned for more details and communication from ADE!
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