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Multiple lawsuits filed against DOL for wage increases
Over the past few days multiple entities have filed suit against the Department of Labor (DOL) for the dramatic October 8, 2020 prevailing wage increases.

The plaintiffs range from universities, including the University of Michigan, Purdue, Cornell, Stanford and Arizona State University, to the National Association of Manufacturers, National Retail Federation, multiple Health Care players, and multiple Information technology and computer servicing companies, including ITServe, which was responsible for successfully challenging the Neufeld memo that required staffing companies to provide pages of additional evidence of their employer-employee relationship with their H-1B employees (contracts, statements of work, POs, etc.)

Now we wait and hope that the courts enjoins the new prevailing wage structure while the litigation proceeds.

This client alert is being provided only to company representatives. Please share with your foreign national staff as you see fit or direct them to our web site where this client alert will be posted.

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