Issue  No.75
23 May 2016

This report is designed to give you a snapshot about the MENA region tackling multiple issues:


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    Economic Outlook
  • Russia has signed an agreement to lend Egypt 25 BN USD in order to finance building and operating a nuclear power plant in Egypt. Moreover, Egypt will pay 3% interest rate annually and the instalment payments will start on October 2029.
  • Egypt's agriculture ministry had bought 3.25 MM tons of local wheat in the 2016 season. The country's local wheat buying season usually ends around July.
  • Jordan's national exports declined by 12.7% in Q1 2016 which pushed the country's trade deficit to expand to 13%, while imports increased by 4%.
  • Residential rental values declined by 5.9% in Muscat during Q1 2016. This was due to the rent decline in villas market.
  • Tunisia has proposed to set 2 BN USD joint fund with Qatar in which both countries would contribute 1 BN USD each and this would be invested in various sectors in Tunisia.
  • Qatar's Ministry of Economy and Commerce has recognized 83 commercial and investment opportunities in sports for the private sector in Qatar. Noted that the market size of the sports sector in Qatar is expected to reach 72 BN QAR by 2023.
  • Qatar Flour Mills; the country's only wheat milling facility will increase its capacity in July to increase its exports to Saudi Arabia. It's worth noting that Qatar Flour Mills has capacity 250,000 tons a year and will increase its daily to 820 tons up from 670 tons.
  • Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Labor and Social Development has revealed a national strategy for women's employment that will provide 50,000 job opportunities that will continue for two years. The program includes around 2,000 jobs with salaries ranging from 3,000-9,000 SAR in addition to working from home.
  • The real estate market in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are going in opposite directions as residential rents in Dubai has declined by 5% in Q1 2016 due to lower oil prices, while Abu Dhabi have witnessed a moderate rental growth in Q1 2016.
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