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Multnomah County Office of Emergency Management (MCEM) compiles this monthly email to provide information related to emergency management activities.
Youth in Detention - Planning for Safety During Cascadia

Did you know the Multnomah County Juvenile Detention Home (JDH) serves youth from Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington Counties? This tri-county operation requires special coordination among local and state partners, especially for catastrophic emergency planning.

What happens if the facility is damaged, roads are impassable and telecommunications are down? Are some youth eligible for early release? What emergency supplies are on hand? Which alternate facilities are available for youth in detention? This and more are part of a demonstration project for the United States Department of Justice Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. To learn about this national demonstration project, click below.  
Emergency Support Function (ESF) 17 Workshop Summary

Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) and the Multnomah County Department of Community Services (DCS) are working to improve their preparations, build partnerships, and increase resources to support animals and their people in emergencies. 

Learn about the recent meeting and preparations to support animals in emergencies through the Animal Services website.
Drop! Cover! Hold on! Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill Reminder

The annual International Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill is taking place October 17th . Check out the   ShakeOut website  for more info about the drill and how to participate.
Volunteers in front of the Skyline Grange
Sept 14 Door-to-Door Event

This past month a diverse group of people from several organizations gathered together to increase our communities' safety. Multnomah County Sheriff's Office and their  Search and Rescue Volunteers , Emergency Management and our Preparedness Advocates , Portland Bureau of Emergency Management's   Neighborhood Emergency Teams , Multnomah County Amateur Radio Emergency Services   ARES , and Neighborhood Emergency Team members from Sauvie's Island and the Skyline area went door to door with wildfire safety information.

This outreach effort was more than educational for the community at risk, it was also designed to improve our evacuation tools and capabilities. Over 40 people spent half the day learning about  wildfire hazard mitigation public alerts , and the levels of evacuation , so they could share this lifesaving information with the community. In the process, we were able to test our forms, mapping and strategies.

A huge thank you to all involved! If you are interested in learning more about our evacuation response planning efforts, feel free to contact  Alice.busch@multco.us
October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

With the overarching theme of " Own IT, Secure IT, Protect IT, " the 16th annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is focused on encouraging personal accountability and proactive behavior in security best practices and digital privacy.

Check out the Stay Safe Online website for tips and resources regarding online safety basics, securing key accounts and devices, managing your privacy, and lots more.
Events & Workshops
  • October 5, 12 & 13. Portland, OR: Train the Trainer Preparedness Workshop. View the flyer here. Participants must be fluent in English and at least one other language.
  • October 7-10, Eugene, OR: OEMA 2019 Conference. Register here.
  • October 8, November 12, webinar series: Making Mitigation Work. Topics and more info here.
  • October 11-12, Portland, OR: Children's Disaster Services Volunteer Workshop. View the informational flyer here. Register here.
  • October 22, Portland, OR: The Looming Cascadia Earthquake - What You Need To Know. More info here.
  • October 28-29, Eugene, OR: Oregon Cyber Resilience Summit 2019. More info available here.
  • November 8, Portland, OR: "Disasters, Resilience, and the Next Generation" Lecture, followed by a panel discussion. More info here.
  • November 15-20, Savannah, GA: International Association of Emergency Managers 67th Annual Conference. Opportunities for breakout speakers are available. Applications for speakers are due by February 15th. For more info, please click here.
Training & Exercise Opportunities

  • October 4, Portland, OR: MGT-462 Community Planning for Economic Recovery. View the flyer here.
  • October 5-6, Washington County, OR: ICS-400 Advanced ICS. Register here.
  • October 7, Portland, OR: Post-Disaster Building Inspection Training. Register here.
  • October 8, Salem, OR: Essentials of Community Cybersecurity (AWR-136). Register here.
  • October 8-9, Salem, OR: Community Preparedness for Cyber Incidents (MGT-384). Register here.
  • October 8-10, McMinnville, OR: MGT-346 EOC Operations and Planning for All-Hazards Events. Register here.
  • October 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, Ridgefield, WA: Women's Ham Radio 'Technician' (Beginner) Class. This class is taught by women, for women. To register contact Barbara Yasson at AC7UH@arrl.net or 360-574-1152.
  • October 15, Gleneden Beach, OR: MGT-403 Access and Functional Needs Preparedness Planning for Rural Communities. To Register: email sbuckley@co.lincoln.or.us
  • October 15-17, Astoria, OR: ICS 300 Intermediate Incident Command System for Expanding Incidents. View the flyer here. Register by emailing vaarts@co.clatsop.or.us.
  • October 16-17, Hillsboro, OR: MGT-335 Event Security Planning for Public Safety Professionals. More info and registration here.
  • November 6, Lakewood, WA: Tri-County CCTA Re-Unification Table Top Exercise. Register here.
  • November 8, 13, 14, Portland, OR: Crisis and Emergency Risk Communication (CERC) NW HPO. Register here.
  • November 19-20, Astoria, OR: ICS 400 Advanced Incident Command System. View the flyer here. Register by emailing vaarts@co.clatsop.or.us.
  • November 20-21, Willamina, OR: ICS 400 Advanced Incident Command System. Register here.
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Volunteers at the September 14th Door-to-Door event received training prior to heading out.
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