A Note from Scott and Marsha
August 22, 2019
Well ... well ...well ... where the heck did that summer go?! You have such high hopes for summer and the slower pace and then the end of August rolls around, the stores are hanging up a mixture of Fall and Christmas decorations and you are stand there blinking in the store. Really. Just blinking. That was me this week when I walked into one of the big box craft stores. I mean, I get it. It's retail, right? We have been talking pumpkins, mums, Christmas trees and wreaths all summer. But that DOESN'T MEAN we have to start putting it all up in AUGUST for the love of God.  

Do you know what else we have been talking about? Events. All things FUN with our new Director of Fun/Administrative Assistant, Lynn Scott. My dreams have come true and it has been all about timing. I have known Lynn Scott for many, many years and she recently joined our team as our events coordinator and planner. Basically, she and I are going to get in a lot of trouble. Scott is considering throwing himself off a bridge at the moment.  

The best part of her starting with us (besides all the exciting things we have coming your way) is her tender heart and gullibility. Yes, I said gullibility . For example, we have this old time scale we found in an attic here and we put it downstairs for fun.  I know, right? When has a scale EVER been fun.  On Lynn's first day, after she filled out paperwork, we asked her to just go ahead and "weigh in" due to a "new accountability at work for better health" thing. She actually hopped on the scale and was trying to figure out the weights. We were dying.  CRYING . Her husband, Dale, who used to work with us, actually put us up to this prank and I'm all about a good prank. He and I were constantly pranking each other. But NEVER would I EVER get on a scale on a new job. NEVER, EVER. In fact, it could be my dream job and I would walk out! LOL! (We took a video of the whole thing for Dale--which is where we got the pic above--sorry it is a little fuzzy.)  

Needless to say, we all had a great first day with tears of laughter. Lynn has hit the ground running with kid's events, future classes, Sip and Shop times, local vendors for future Saturdays and more. Keep an eye on Instagram, Facebook and our website for all things fun while we still help you bring green home in exciting new ways!  Welcome aboard Lynn! We are really excited for what the future holds at FGS!  And if you would like some "health accountability", stop by our offices. We can help! BAAAhahahahahahahahaaaa!!
You only have a couple of weeks left to take advantage of Tropical Tuesday ! Tropical Tuesday is the perfect opportunity to fill your home with houseplants for less! All of our houseplants are 10% OFF every Tuesday in July and August.
We have heard it before--"I can't keep a houseplant alive!" We are almost 100% sure you can keep a Pothos alive. It is one of the most forgiving plants our there--which is why Judy chose it as this week's houseplant pick. Whether you prefer the Silver Satin or Lime Green or the dark green, you can't go wrong. They don't require a lot of water and can handle medium or bright light!
Can you think of anything more fun than picking out a new pot for your new houseplant? We can't either. We have many new indoor pottery options for you to choose from. These pots are so pretty and priced right, so we know they will sell fast! Come out this weekend and get the best selection of the year! You and your houseplants will thank us for how lovely they look in their (and your) new home!
The first sign in the Garden Center that fall is right around the corner is when Mums arrive! They arrived yesterday and we are THRILLED! The multiple buds on these beauties will be bursting in bloom in just a couple of weeks. Get ahead of the fall decorating game! Place your mums where they will receive plenty of light and don't forget to water them a couple times a week.
Tuesday, August 27, 2019
Cost: $5 per participant

Kids learn about a garden or plant-related topic, create a themed craft, enjoy a snack and get to feed the animals.

For more information, check out our Kids' Event page . Or register here.
Wednesday, August 28, 2019 
3:30PM – 5:00PM
Join us for a fruit-filled afternoon!  Perkins Orchard will be here selling beautiful red, orange and yellow watermelons. We will have the bar open selling wine, including a featured watermelon sparkling wine, as well as hard cider! Enjoy the beauty of our Garden Center in the late afternoon and take home a watermelon or two.
Our  blog   is updated weekly with posts to educate and help you bring green home. Did you know houseplants are good for your health ? We were surprised to learn all the ways they are beneficial. You will be, too! Read our post here . Last week, we shared tips on how to specifically care for your Aglaonema, or 'Chinese Evergreen' . If you don't have one of these lovelies, you'll probably want one after reading this post!
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