Municipal and ISD elections take place in Tarrant County on Saturday, May 1, 2021. Early voting is Monday, April 19 - Tuesday, April 27. 

In Texas we have open primaries which means we don’t register to vote with a particular political party. Instead, we affiliate with a party based on the primary election in which we chose to participate. Although local elections are officially non-partisan, party affiliation is a strong indicator as to how a candidate will govern. We have seen an increase in Tarrant County Democrat involvement in local elections, and the Tarrant County GOP is now taking an active role in informing fellow Republicans about who is running in our local races. Below is a link to a brief primary voting history of the candidates in the May 1st elections to help you cast your ballot.
Methodology: The data was collected independently by three individuals. Those three lists were then reviewed by two others and any discrepancies between the three were investigated separately. Finally, all data sets were combined into one final list. Vote history is based on the candidate’s Tarrant County voting history dating back to 2010. If the candidate has recently moved to Tarrant County, the previous voting history from another county in Texas should be included. If the candidate has recently moved from another state, that data is likely not included.
We strongly urge you to research the candidates when voting in any election. Only contested races are shown. Feel free to share this list with your friends and neighbors - let's make sure Republicans turn out in big numbers in Tarrant County for this year's local elections!