MARCH 2020 • Munroe Center for the Arts
2 - ArtSpan spring registration opens
21  - Suffragettes Performance
8  - ArtSpan's  Artists' Business Seminar
14  - ArtSpan's book sale, and book up-cycling craft day
28 & 29 : Dance Inn Recital Dress Rehearsal
Munroe Saturday Nights
A musical celebrating 100 years of the 19th Amendment
Saturday, March 21
Details & tickets here !

MSN 10th Anniversary Event
Sat. April 25th
MCA Gallery
Brendan Lehman
The work of illustrator, and ArtSpan cartooning teacher on display now through
March 31.
More information online
Community Arts
Looking for a chance to play with a creative group of people? Join us as we create a float for the Patriots' Day Parade in April.
No experience necessary - email us for details!
PLEASE NOTE: You may not stop your car along the driveway, nor idle by the back door if your child is not there waiting for you. 
We know this is not convenient for you, but it helps keep people safe. We have seen too many cars trying to pass such vehicles on the left, unable to see children crossing into the parking lot along the crosswalk, or creating other hazards.

And because we have seen this happening when there are available parking spots, we feel the need to remind everyone that our first priority is safety, and we need everyone’s support in keeping the parking lot safe for everyone.

Please use available parking in the lot, or along Mass. Ave. Thank you.
Behind the Scenes
Many thanks to everyone enduring the construction work for the new (restored) windows and wheelchair lift. Many thanks to our staff and volunteers too for helping to move things around to be able to *get* to some of the windows (read: Maintenance Room).

We are ready to install the first round of restored windows on the 3rd floor, and to remove the windows in the ArtSpan and Music rooms in the first two weeks of March (contact school directors for up-to-the-minute details). More windows history and info. online
ArtSpan's Spring semester registration opens tomorrow - March 2 (9am)
April vacation camp & summer camp registration is happening now!
Lexington Music School has spots available for violin instruction with Luis Ibanez. Email or call the LMS office for details: 781 863 8484.
Dance with us! DanceInn has registration online for spring classes , as well as July programs . Lexington School of Ballet also has information up about their summer programming.
February vacation camp's theater component (ArtSpan)
Thank you to our Business Sponsors - helping to give a stage to local artists, and engaging performances to local residents!


Email us if you would like to join this growing list!
Details can be found online .