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   September, 2018                                                            Volume 23, Number 9                     
Events in September
Florida Authors Academy 2018 
Writers Workshop  
Saturday, September 8, 10 AM - Noon
Break Through! How to Get Published
Where do you meet publishers and agents? What are the dos and don'ts of approaching them? How do you select a publisher or agent? What do you send a publisher or an agent? Surprise them: include a marketing plan. Should you self-publish? Prudy has had 28 books published. She'll share the answers to these questions as well as any you have.  
Instructor: Prudy Taylor Board
$25. Per Person, Reservation Recommended 561 279-7790
Charles and Caroline Todd Sign A Forgotten Place:
Monday, September 10 at 7 PM
Charles Todd is the New York Times bestselling author of the Inspector Ian Rutledge mysteries, The Bess Crawford mysteries, and two stand-alone novels. A mother-and-son writing team, they live on the East Coast.
A Forgotten Place
Battlefield Nurse Bess Crawford has been assigned to a clinic for amputees, and the Welsh patients worry her. Their officer, Captain Williams, writes to describe their despair and his own. Bess feels compelled to look into their situation. Requesting leave, she travels to Wales. There,Captain Williams' sister tells Bess he has left the valley.  She follows him to an isolated, storm-battered peninsula-a harsh and forgotten place where secrets and death go hand in hand. Morrow 1st printing, signed: $27.99  
John Gilstrap Signs Scorpion Strike:
John Straley Signs Baby's First Felony:
Tuesday, September 11 at 7 PM
John Gilstrap is the New York Times bestselling author of more than fourteen novels, including the Jonathan Graves thrillers. Against All Enemies won the International Thriller Writers award for best paperback original. His books have been translated into more than 20 languages worldwide. An expert in explosives safety and a former firefighter, he lives in Virginia.
Scorpion Strike
An island paradise held hostage. A band of dangerous killers unleashed. A sinister plot that could push the superpowers to the brink of war.For Jonathan Grave and Gail Bonneville, the Crystal Sands Resort has become the ultimate flashpoint. Their mission: defeat the attackers before more lives are lost. Signed: $9.99
John Straley worked for thirty years as a criminal defense investigator, and many of the characters in his books were inspired by his work. Now retired, he lives with his wife in a bright green house on the beach and writes in his weathertight office overlooking Old Sitka Rocks. The former Writer Laureate of Alaska, he is the author of ten novels, including Cold Storage, Alaska and the Shamus Award-winner The Woman Who Married a Bear, the first Cecil Younger investigation. 
Baby's First Felony
Criminal defense investigator Cecil Younger spends his days coaching would-be felons on how to avoid incriminating themselves. So when Sherrie, a returning client, asks him to track down some evidence to clear her of a domestic violence charge, Cecil agrees. Maybe he'll find something that will get her abusive boyfriend locked up for good. Soho first printing, signed: $25.95
Women's National Book Association of South Florida Meeting
Caz Frear Signs Sweet Little Lies:
Wednesday, September 12 at 6:30  PM
Members - Free Non-members - $10. Refreshments Served  
Caz Frear grew up in Coventry, England, and spent her teenage years dreaming of moving to London and writing a novel.She has a degree in History & Politics, and when she's not agonizing over snappy dialogue or incisive prose, she can be found shouting at Arsenal football matches or holding court in the pub on topics she knows nothing about. Sweet Little Lies is her first novel.
Sweet Little Lies
Twenty-six-year-old Cat Kinsella overcame a troubled childhood to become a Detective Constable with the Metropolitan Police Force, but she's never been able to banish these ghosts. When she's called to the scene of a murder in Islington, not far from the pub her estranged father still runs, she discovers that Alice Lapaine, a young housewife who didn't get out much, has been found strangled. Harper 1st printing, signed: $26.99  
Cheryl Hollon Signs Shattered at Sea:
Friday, September 14 at 7 PM
Cheryl Hollon combines her love of writing with a passion for creating glass art. In the small glass studio behind their St. Petersburg, FL, 1920's craftsman bungalow, Cheryl and her husband design, create, and produce fused glass, stained glass and painted glass artworks and jewelry.
Shattered at Sea
When Savannah signs on to perform glassblowing on a ship, part of the appeal is that she'll get a chance to reconnect with her boyfriend Edward's family. But when Edward's cousin, Ian, disappears at the beginning of the cruise, the ship's authorities initially consider it suicide. Then Edward suddenly jumps to the top of the suspect list. His fate is in Savannah's hands, and she'll do everything she can-on land and sea-to clear his name.Signed: $7.99
Florida Authors Academy 2018 
Writers Workshop  
Saturday, September 15, 10 AM - Noon
Queries and Pitches
This class will help you prepare that all-important plot synopsis for your query letter. We will also work on "elevator pitches" and longer pitches so you're ready for a meeting with an editor or agent. Volunteers will be invited to practice their pitch in front of the group and get feedback.
Instructor:  Alison McMahan
Florida Authors Academy 2018 
Writers Workshop  
Saturday, September 22, 10 AM - Noon
Self-Publishing Made Simple
Do you want to self-publish your work, reissue your backlist titles, or become a hybrid author? In this workshop, we'll discuss setting up your own imprint, buying ISBNs, preparing your manuscript, creating front and back material, ebook and print formats, copyright, distribution options, formatting and cover design, and marketing.  
Instructor: Nancy J. Cohen
$25 Per Person, Reservation Recommended 561 279-7790
Florida Authors Academy 2018
Saturday, September 29 at 10 AM 
FL Authors Academy Has Talent!
Open Mike for the attendees of the workshops to read from their work in progress and get feedback from three multi-published author judges. The Judges are: NY Times bestselling author Charles Todd, Literary Agent Dianna Collier-Warner, and Award-winning screenwriter, filmmaker, and author Alison McMahan.
$25 Per Person to read. Audience admission is free.
Refreshments served  561 279-7790
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FL Authors Academy  Writers Workshops &
Booksignings in September 
Sat, Sep 8, 10 AM - Noon  
Fl Authors Academy
Writers Workshop 
Break Through!  
How to Get Published
Instr: Prudy Taylor Board
$25 per person 
Reservation Recommended
561 279-7790 
Mon, Sep 10 at 7 PM
Charles and Caroline Todd
A Forgotten Place $27.99 
Tue, Sep 11 at 7 PM
John Gilstrap signs
Scorpion Strike $9.99 
John Straley signs
Baby's First Felony $25.99
Wed, Sep 12 at 6:30 PM
Women's Nat'l Book Assoc
of S. FL Monthly Meeting  
Caz Frear signs  
Sweet Little Lies $26.99
Refreshments Served 
The public is invited  
Fri, Sep 14 at 7 PM
Cheryl Hollon signs
Shattered at Sea $7.99
Sat,Sep 15, 10 AM-Noon
FL Authors Academy
Writers Workshop
Queries and Pitches
Instr: Alison McMahan
$25. per person 
Reservation Recommended
561 279-7790  
Sat, Sep 22, 10 AM - Noon
FL Authors Academy
Writers Workshop
Self-publishing Made Simple
Instr: Nancy Cohen
$25 per person
Reservation Recommended
561 279-7790
Sat, Sep 29 at 10 AM
FL Authors Academy
Writers Workshop
FL Authors Academy Has Talent!
Judges: Charles Todd
Diana Collier-Warner
Alison McMahan
$25 per person to read
Audience admitted free
Refreshments Served
Book Clubs
Sunday Sleuths
Sun, Sep 16 at 3 PM
 Murder at the Breakers, 
By Alyssa Maxwell $15.00
Author Phone Chat!
Tuesday Murder Club
Tue, Sep 18 at  at 6:30 PM
And Then There Were None
By Agatha Christie $16.99 


Murder on the Beach
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Bestseller Lists
July 2018 Bestsellers at Murder on the Beach 
1. The Disappearing by Lori Roy, PUT, 27.00
2. The Other Woman by Daniel Silva, HC, 28.99
3. The President Is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson, HAC, 30.00
4. Safe Houses by Dan Fesperman, RH, 26.95
5. The Pharaoh Key by Douglas Preston, HAC, 28.00
6. The Woman In The Woods by John Connolly, SS, 26.99
7. Florida by Lauren Groff, PUT, 27.00
8. The Fallen by David Baldacci, HAC, 29.00
9. The Word Is Murder by Anthony Horowitz, HC, 27.99
10.  Robert B. Parker's Old Black Magic by Ace Atkins, PUT, 27.00
Mass Market/Trade
1. Mastering Plot Twists by Jane Cleland, WD, 17.99
2. Firestorm by Solange Ritchie, IPS, 15.99
3. A Stranger in the House by Shari Lapena, PUT, 16.00
4. The Breakdown by B.A. Paris, MPS, 16.99
5. Watch Me Disappear by Janelle Brown, RH, 17.00
6. The Dry by Jane Harper, MPS, 9.99
7. Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane, HC, 16.99
8. Grounds For Remorse by Misty Simon, ZEB, 7.99
9. Murder in the Locked Library by Ellery Adams, ZEB, 7.99
10. Murder in Saint - Germain by Cara Black, SO, 15.95

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Signed First Editions
John Connolly
The Woman in the Woods
Dan Fesperman
Safe Houses
Caz Frear
Sweet Little Lies
John Gilstrap
Scorpion Strike
Sophie Hannah
The Mystery of Three Quarters*
Alyssa Maxwell
Murder At Ochre Court
George Pelecanos
The Man Who Came Uptown
Lori Roy
The Disappearing
Daniel Silva
The Other Woman*
John Straley
Baby's First Felony
James Swain
The King Tides
                                                                 *Signed Tip-In
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Book Reviews
A Forgotten Place
By Charles Todd
Reviewed by Stephanie Saxon Levine
     It is December, 2018. The war is over, but readjustment to peacetime life has only begun. Bess Crawford, a battlefield nurse assigned to an amputee clinic, worries about the Welsh patients, peacetime coal miners. How will they adjust to a return to former normalcy?
     Their officer, Captain Williams, writes to Bess about his concerns for his men. Bess, granted leave to look into the situation, travels to Wales. She follows Captain Williams to a stormy peninsula where she is stranded among a community of people who seem to distrust each other, not to mention strangers. They obviously have secrets to conceal, and Bess learns too much to be permitted to leave. There is a murderer loose in the village, and no one from her family knows her whereabouts.
     All this makes for a fascinating mystery, one which I found impossible to put down. The interplay of the unusual characters, the beautifully described settings, whether stormy or placid, and, most of all, the tension of Bess's situation, all serve to make A Forgotten Place unforgettable. Read it!
Morrow, 1st printing, signed:$27.99
The Exes' Revenge
By Jo Jakeman
Reviewed by Cheryl Kravetz
Three women have one thing in common: Phillip Rochester. One is his estranged wife, one is his older first wife and one is his young girlfriend.
     As the story opens, Phillip has been a very bad boy. He abused his first wife, and his current wife who is the mother of his son, and even his girlfriend. He is a police officer who thinks he is above the law. A very controlling and abusive man, he orders his wife out of their house by the end of the month. If she fails to move out, Phillip threatens to take custody of their young son.
     The three very different women join forces to take back control of their lives. And what they do will surprise you. Revenge comes with a price.
     This is Jo Jakeman's debut novel and it is a blockbuster that kept me awake into the wee hours reading. I want to see more from this talented author.
Berkley $26.00
Trust Me 
By Hank Phillippi Ryan 
Reviewed by Joanne Sinchuk 
We've all loved Hank's series books, but Trust Me is her first stand-alone novel.  Billed as psychological suspense, it couldn't be more aptly named. 
      Writer Mercer Hennessy has been grieving the loss of her husband and young daughter killed in a car crash over one year ago, when she is hired by her publisher to write the story of Ashlyn Bryant, who has been accused of killing her own two year old daughter. This is just what Mercer needs to bring her out of her depression, and re-start her writing career.
      Like Casey Anthony, Ashlyn is a lying, manipulative party girl whose own mother turned her in to the police and will do or say anything to escape responsibility. During and after the trial, both women's lives become intertwined in a way that could not be predicted, but that has the possibility of destroying them both.
      Ryan is our new master of psychological suspense and a superb storyteller leading us through a plot of grief and duplicity. I would recommend to all my customers.
 Forge $25.99   
The Other Woman
By Sandie Jones
Reviewed by Cheryl Kravetz
The story starts out simple enough. Emily is in love with Adam. He's the perfect man for her. And Adam loves Emily. They have one little problem though. Adam's mother, Pammie, is very protective of her son, to the point of being dangerously possessive. She doesn't want another woman coming between her and her son. And Pammie will do anything to make sure Adam doesn't leave her. Ever.
     I couldn't put this book down! This is Sandie Jones's first novel and she shows tremendous talent. She deftly escalates suspense throughout the book and you're never quite sure just how far Adam's mother will go until the very explosive ending. Highly recommended!
MPS  26.99
Sunrise Highway
By Peter Blauner
Reviewed by Sue Wilder  
NYPD detective Lourdes Robles and her partner BB Borelli are called to investigate a badly decomposing body washed up on Rockaway Beach. The medical examiner confirms that the woman was pregnant and that cause of death is murder. The circumstances are unusual: death caused by small stones in her mouth and throat.  
     Robles retired ex-partner remembers a 40 year old murder case on Long Island where the victim's mouth was filled with branches and twigs. The older case was "solved" with the conviction of Delaney Patterson, a high school football star. Patterson claimed to be framed by the testimony given by J. Tolliver, another local boy.  
     Fast forward 40 years: J. Tolliver is now the Chief of Police on Eastern Long Island. He is surrounded by many of his childhood buddies including the DA and a state senator. JT rules his department with an iron fist using fear and blackmail to keep everybody in line.  
     When Robles' investigation moves east to JT's end of Long Island, she becomes a target that JT needs to destroy. She delves into a list of victims that appears to be the work of a serial killer. She uncovers layers of political and police corruption involving a cast of bad guys. When she rocks the boat, she becomes a threat that must be removed.  
     Mr. Blauner has written a powerful crime thriller that does a superb job of dissecting a system of corruption that is institutional and multi-generational. The plot smoothly alternates between a timeline from the first murder in 1977 to the discovery of the most recent victim in 2017.  
     Thanks to Mr. Blauner's early years reporting crimes, the characters are authentic. Location is real. This reader felt like she was in the cars riding along Sunrise Highway from Queens through Nassau and Suffolk counties.  
     Sunrise Highway is the second installment in the Lourdes Robles series. As with the first book in the series, Proving Ground, this story is well written and a page turner. Sunrise Highway may be read without having read the previous book.  
First Printing STM $27.99  
By Christina Dalcher
Reviewed by Cheryl Kravetz
Set in the United States in the not so distant future, women have become subservient and silent. Men are in control. Walls have been erected at US borders. No one in, no one out, especially women.
     With the election of a conservative president who is advised by a psychopathic religious zealot, women are not allowed to work. They are not allowed to travel or read books. Cameras are installed everywhere to make sure rules are followed.
     Government officials have determined that everything was better in the early 1900s when women did not hold jobs. They stayed home, raised children and kept the house clean for their husbands. Girls are not taught to read or write and women no longer have a voice.
     Before the government took control the average person spoke sixteen thousand words each day, but now women are only allowed to speak one hundred words in a 24-hour period. To enforce this, the government has issued metal bands, clasped to the wrists of every female, including children. If more than 100 words are spoken the bands send an electric shock, increasing intensity for each word spoken until midnight when the band resets for another 100 words.
     Then one day the president's brother's brain speech centers have been damaged and the government needs the help of one woman. Dr. Jean McClellan, a cognitive linguist, was at the top of her field before she was forced out of her job. Government men in black SUVs pull up to take her to a lab to find a cure. What she wants to find is the freedom that used to be America.
     Frightening? Yes! Can it happen in the United States?  
Berkley $26.00
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         New Hardcovers in September                
Brian Bandell - Silence the Living. Former Florida police officer Monique Williams carries in her bloodstream the most deadly substance on the planet, an intelligent alien microorganism form seeking to transform Earth into a habitat suitable for their resurrected aquatic species. Silver Leaf Books 25.95
Lisa Black - Suffer the Children. Maggie Gardiner, forensics expert for the Cleveland police department, and Jack Renner, a homicide detective with a killer secret, confront the darkest threat yet to their careers and their lives. ZEB26.00
Peter Blauner - Sunrise Highway. In the summer of Star Wars and Son of Sam, a Long Island schoolgirl is found gruesomely murdered. MPS 27.99
Mattias Boström  - From Holmes to Sherlock. Swedish author and Sherlock Holmes expert Mattias Boström recreates the full story behind the legend. IPS 18.00
William Boyle - Gravesend. A desperate neighborhood is in flux and neighbors find themselves caught up in the crimes of the past. NOR 25.95
Ann Cleeves - Wild Fire. A story of dysfunctional families and fractured relationships. MPS 26.99
Reed Farrel Coleman - Robert B. Parker's Colorblind. Jesse Stone is back on the job after a stint in rehab, and the road to recovery is immediately made bumpy by a series of disturbing and apparently racially motivated crimes. PUT 27.00
Clive Cussler - Shadow Tyrants. Nearly two thousand years ago, an Eastern emperor charged a small group with safeguarding secrets powerful enough to change the history of mankind. Now two rival factions of their descendants are fighting a mighty battle. PUT 29.00
Christina Dalcher - Vox. The American government has decreed that women are no longer allowed to speak more than one hundred words per day. Soon women are not permitted to hold jobs. Girls are not taught to read or write. Females no longer have a voice. PUT 26.00
Stephen Giles - Boy at the Keyhole. A boy is left alone in his family's English estate with a housekeeper he suspects has murdered his mother.  HC 25.99
Victor Gischler - No Good Deed. Francis was running late for work when he found a suitcase and the odd card with an email on it. Now, Francis is dodging bullets and doing his best to stay alive. MPS 25.99
Stave Hamilton - Dead Man Running. On the Mediterranean Sea, a vacationer logs on to the security-camera feed from his home in Scottsdale, Arizona. Something about his living room seems not quite right. PUT 26.00
Sophie Hannah - Mystery of Three Quarters. Hercule Poirot returns home to find an angry woman waiting to berate him outside his front door. HC 27.99
Elsa Hart - City of Ink. Li Du was prepared to travel anywhere in the world except for one place: home. But to unravel the mystery that surrounds his mentor's execution, that's exactly where he must go. MPS 25.99
Jo Jakeman - Exes Revenge. Three women who've all been involved with the same man realize the one thing they have in common is that they all want revenge against him. PUT 26.00
J.A. Jance - Field of Bones. Sheriff Joanna Brady's best intentions to stay on maternity leave take a hit when a serial homicide case rocks Cochise County, dragging her into a far-reaching investigation to bring down a relentless killer. HC 27.99
Roger Johns - River of Secrets. When a controversial politician is murdered in cold blood, Baton Rouge Police Detective Wallace Hartman struggles to find the killer amid conspiracies and corruption. MPS 26.99
Craig Johnson - Depth of Winter. Walt Longmire's daughter, Cady, has been kidnapped by an international hit man and the head of one of the most vicious drug cartels in Mexico to auction her off to his worst enemies. PUT 28.00
Sandie Jones - Other Woman. Adam adores Emily. Emily thinks Adam's perfect. Lurking in the shadows is a rival, a woman who shares a deep bond with the man she loves. His mother. MPS 26.99
William Kent Krueger - Desolation Mountain. Cork O'Connor and his son Stephen work to uncover the truth behind the plane crash of a senator on Desolation Mountain and the disappearances of several first responders. SS 26.00
Mary Kubica - When the Lights Go Out. Jessie Sloane is on the path to rebuilding her life after years of caring for her ailing mother. When she applies for college she is told that her social security number has raised a red flag. HC 26.99
Ward Larsen - Assassin's Run. When a Russian oligarch is killed by a single bullet on his yacht off the Isle of Capri, Russian intelligence sources speculate that a legendary Israeli assassin, long thought dead, might be responsible. MPS 25.99
T.M. Logan - Lies. Six days ago, Joe Lynch was a happily married man, a devoted father, and a respected teacher living in a well-to-do London suburb. But that was before he spotted his wife's car entering a hotel parking garage; Before he saw her in an argument with her best friend's husband. MPS 27.99
Stuart MacBride - Blood Run. When Detective Inspector Bell turns up dead in the driver's seat of a crashed car it's a shock to everyone. Because Bell died two years ago, they buried him. Or they thought they did. HC 25.99
Laura Marshall - Three Little Lies. 2005 : 17-year-old Ellen falls under the spell of glamorous newcomer, Sasha. But, Ellen doesn't see the darkness that lies beneath their musical, bohemian lifestyle. 2018: Now 30, Ellen and Sasha are still entwined in each other's lives and sharing a flat in London. When Sasha disappears, Ellen fears the worst. HAC 26.00
Jenn McKinlay - Hitting the Books. When a stack of library materials is found at the scene of a hit and run, library director Lindsey Norris finds herself dragged into the investigation as the police try to link the driver of the stolen car to the person who borrowed the books. BRK 25.00
Mindy Mejia - Leave No Trace. Ten years ago a man and his son trekked into the Minnesota wilderness and never returned. Search teams found their campsite ravaged by what looked like a bear and they were presumed dead until a decade later when the son appeared. SS 26.00
Paula Munier - Borrowing of Bones. Former soldier Mercy Carr and bomb-sniffing dog Elvis walk mile after mile in the beautiful remote Vermont wilderness. During a walk on the Fourth of July weekend, Elvis alerts to explosives and they discover a squalling baby abandoned near a shallow grave filled with what appear to be human bones. MPS 26.99
T. Jefferson Parker - Swift Vengeance. Returning hero and private investigator Roland Ford is on the trail of a mysterious killer who is beheading CIA drone operators. PUT 27.00
James Patterson - Juror #3. Ruby Bozarth, a newcomer to Rosedale, Mississippi and new to the Mississippi Bar. Circuit Judge Baylor taps Ruby as defense counsel in a racially charged felony. HAC 28.00
George Pelecano - Man Who Came Uptown. A n ex-con must choose between the man who got him out and the woman who showed him another path. HAC 27.00
Sarah Pinborough - Cross Her Heart. E veryone is about to find out that Lisa is living a lie. HC 26.99
J.D. Robb - Leverage in Death. Lieutenant Eve Dallas puzzles over a bizarre suicide bombing in a Wall Street office building. MPS 28.99
Hank Phillippi Ryan - Trust Me. An accused killer insists she's innocent of a heinous murder. A grieving journalist surfaces from the wreckage of her shattered life. Their unlikely alliance leads to a dangerous cat and mouse game. MPS 25.99
Courtney Summers - Sadie. Sadie grew up on her own, raising her sister Mattie in an isolated small town. But when Mattie is found dead, Sadie's entire world crumbles. MPS 17.99
James Swallow - Nomad. MI6 field agent Marc Dane is forced into the front line when a brutal attack on his team leaves Dane the only survivor, and with the knowledge that there are traitors inside MI6. MPS 26.99
Sarah Zettel - Other Sister. Everyone thought Geraldine Monroe was the bad sister when she fled town after her mother's death twenty-five years ago. But people don't know the truth. HAC 25.00
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New Historicals in September
James Benn - Solemn Graves. US Army detective Billy Boyle is called to investigate a mysterious murder in a Normandy farmhouse that threatens Allied operations. SO 26.95 
Emily Brightwell - Mrs. Jeffries and the Three Wise Women. Christopher Gilhaney isn't a popular man, and he proves why once again when he insults every guest at Abigail Chase's Guy Fawkes Night dinner party. 16.00.
Jessica Ellicott - Murder in an English Village. 1920. Flying in the face of convention, legendary American adventuress Beryl Helliwell never fails to surprise and shock. 15.95
Jeffrey Ford - Ahab's Return. At the end of a long journey, Captain Ahab returns to the mainland to confront the true author of the novel Moby-Dick, his former shipmate, Ishmael. HC 27.99
C. M. Gleason - Murder in the Oval Library. April 13, 1861. Rebel troops are across the Potomac River, only 800 feet from the White House and President Lincoln, but a murderer is even closer. ZEB 26.00
Steve Goble - Devil's Wind. 1723. Spider John is working aboard a sailing vessel and is returning to his family. But his pans are tossed overboard when Captain Brentwood is murdered in his cabin. 15.95
Kerry Greenwood - Death Before Wicket. Phryne Fisher is on holiday. She has the costume of a lifetime, and she's not afraid to use it. 15.95
Robert J. Harris - Thirty One Kings. June 1940. Paris. As German troops pour across France, veteran soldier and adventurer Richard Hannay is called back into duty to track down an individual code named "Roland." Only Roland knows the secret of The 31 Kings, a secret upon which the future of Europe depends. NOR 25.95
Edwin Hill - Little Comfort. Harvard librarian Hester Thursby knows that even in the digital age, people still need help finding things. Using her research skills, Hester runs a side business tracking down the lost. ZEB 26.00
Volker Kutscher - Silent Death. Berlin 1930. Sound film is conquering the big screen, leaving many by the wayside: producers, cinema owners and silent film stars. Investigating the violent on-set death of actress Betty Winter, Inspector Gereon Rath encounters the dark side of glamour and an industry in turmoil. 17.00
James Lovegrov - Miskatonic Monstrosities. Spring 1895. More than a decade of combating eldritch entities has cost Dr John Watson his beloved wife Mary, and nearly broken the health of Sherlock Holmes. 14.95
Anne Perry - Echo of Murder. Anne Perry delves into the diverse population of Victorian London, whose disparate communities force Monk to rethink his investigative techniques. 17.00
Ashley Weaver - Act of Villainy. 1930s London. Walking through London's West End after a night at the theater, Amory Ames and her husband Milo run into wealthy investor and former actor Gerard Holloway who invites them to the dress rehearsal of a new play he is directing. MPS 27.99 
 - Essence of Malice. When Milo Ames receives a troubling letter from his childhood nanny, he and Amory travel to Paris where they are soon embroiled in a mystery surrounding the death of a famous parfumier. 16.99
Yu Ovidi - Frangipani Tree Mystery. 1936. Crown Colony of Singapore. The British abdication crisis and rising Japanese threat seem very far away. When the Irish nanny looking after Acting Governor Palin's daughter dies suddenly an aspiring journalist trying to escape an arranged marriage is invited to take her place. 13.99
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New Nonfiction in September
Frank DiMatteo - Carmine the Snake. In the golden age of organized crime, Carmine "The Snake" Persico was the King of the Streets. The defacto boss of the Colombo Mafia family since the 1970s, he oversaw gang wars, murders, and major rackets, even from prison. He is suspected of personally murdering as many as 60 people and ordering the hits of hundreds more. RH 26.00 
Jason Fagone - Woman Who Smashed Codes. The incredible true story of the greatest codebreaking duo that ever lived, an American woman and her husband who invented the modern science of cryptology together and used it to confront the evils of their time, solving puzzles that unmasked Nazi spies and helped win World War II. 16.99
Joe Kenda - I Will Find You. Detective Lt. Joe Kenda, star of Homicide Hunter, shares his deepest, darkest, and never before revealed case files from his 19 years as a homicide detective. 15.99
James Longenbach - How Poems Get Made. A comprehensive guide to writing or reading poetry. 15.95
John McPhee - Draft No 4. John McPhee shares insights he has gathered over his career and has refined while teaching at Princeton University. 15.00
James Patterson - All American Murder. Aaron Hernandez was a college All-American who became the youngest player in the NFL and later reached the Super Bowl. But he led a secret life one that ended in a maximum-security prison and suicide. 16.99
Edgar Allan Poe - Edgar Allan Poe Deluxe Note Card. Indulge your inner mad genius with this deluxe note card set celebrating the words of Edgar Allan Poe. 24.99
Dorothy Sayers - Gospel in Dorothy Sayers. In this anthology, renowned murder mystery writer Dorothy L. Sayers tackles faith, doubt, human nature, and the most dramatic story ever told. IPS 18.00
Sarah Weinman - Real Lolita. Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita is one of the most beloved and notorious novels of all time. But few of its readers know that the subject of the novel was inspired by the 1948 abduction of eleven-year-old Sally Horner. HC 27.99
Bernard Whalen - Case Files of the NYPD. From atrocities that occurred before the establishment of New York's police force in 1845 through the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 to the present day, this chronological visual history is an insider's look at more than 80 real-life crimes that shocked the nation. HAC 24.99

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New Paperbacks in September
 Jussi Adler-Olsen - Scarred Woman. Miracle Springs bookstore owner Nora Pennington prescribes the perfect novel to ease a person's deepest pain and lighten their heaviest burden. But when a visiting businessman reaches out to Nora for guidance, he's found dead on the train tracks.15.95
Ellie Alexander - Death on Tap. When Sloan Krause walks in on her husband, Mac, screwing the barmaid, she gives him the boot. Sloan has spent her life in Leavenworth, Washington becoming an expert in brewing craft beer, and she doesn't have time to be held back by her soon-to-be ex-husband. 7.99
Claire Allan - Her Name Was Rose. When Emily lets a stranger step out in front of her, she never imagines that split second will change her life. But, after Emily watches a car plough into the young mother killing her instantly she finds herself unable to move on.
And then she makes a decision she can never take back. 12.99
David Baldacci - Fallen. Something sinister is going on in Baronville. The rust belt town has seen four bizarre murders in the space of two weeks. Cryptic clues left at the scenes--obscure bible verses, odd symbols--have the police stumped. 15.99
M.C. Beaton - Quiche of Death. The first book in M. C. Beaton's Agatha Raisin series. Putting all her eggs in one basket, Agatha Raisin gives up her successful PR firm, sells her London flat, and samples a taste of early retirement in the quiet village of Carsely. Bored, lonely and used to getting her way, she enters a local baking contest. 9.99
Darcey Bell - Simple Favor. A single mother's life is turned upside down when her best friend vanishes. 16.99
Sara Blaedel - Undertaker's Daughter. Widowed by the age of forty, Ilka Nichols Jensen, a school portrait photographer, leads a modest, regimented, and uneventful life in Copenhagen until she learns her father, who walked out on the family more than three decades ago, has died and left her his funeral home in Racine, Wisconsin. 14.99
Alan Bradley - Grave's A Fine and Private Place. In the wake of an unthinkable family tragedy, twelve-year-old Flavia de Luce is struggling to fill her empty days. 16.00
James Lee Burke - Robicheaux. Dave Robicheaux is a haunted man. Between his recurrent nightmares about Vietnam, his battle with alcoholism, and the sudden loss of his beloved wife, Molly, his thoughts drift from one irreconcilable memory to the next. 16.00
Andrea Camilleri - Death at Sea. In 1980s Vigàta, a restless Inspector Montalbano brings his bold investigative style to eight enthralling cases. From jilted lovers and deadly family affairs to assassination attempts and murders in unexpected places, Death at Sea is the perfect collection to escape into Andrea Camilleri's unforgettable slice of Sicily. 16.00
Bailey Cattrell - Marigolds For Malice. Elliana Allbright will need to dig up clues from the past to weed out a killer. 7.99
Vivien Chien - Dim Sum of All Fears. Welcome back to Ho-Lee Noodle House, where you can get fantastic take-out, unless you get taken out first. 7.99
Reid Farrel Coleman - Robert B. Parker's The Hangman's Sonnet. Jesse Stone, still reeling from the murder of his fiancée, must keep his emotions in check long enough to get through the wedding day of his loyal protégé, Suitcase Simpson. 9.99
Isis Crawford - Catered Costume Party. When sisters Bernie and Libby Simmons agree to cater an extravagant Halloween party in their little upstate New York town of Longely, they figured a ghost or two and a blood curdling scream might be part of the menu, but they never expected to be haunted by the deadly specter of murder. 7.99
Edmund Crispin - Frequent Hearses. Stars, Starlets, Floozies and factotums to the film world - Gervase Fen suspects them all. 16.00
 - Glimpses of the Moon. When the first victim's head is sent floating down the river, the village's rural calm is shattered. Soon the corpses are multiplying and the entire community is involved in the murder hunt. 16.00
Clive Cussler - Romanov Ransom. Treasure-hunting team Sam and Remi Fargo's search for a Romanov fortune brings them into perilous contact with an ambitious neo-Nazi clan . 9.99
Peggy Ehrhart - Died in the Wool. When a murder shocks picturesque Arborville, New Jersey, Pamela Paterson and her Knit and Nibble knitting club suddenly find themselves at the center of the investigation as suspects. 7.99
J.T. Ellison - Tear Me Apart. Competitive skier Mindy Wright is a superstar in the making until a spectacular downhill crash threatens not just her racing career but her life. 16.99
Helen Fields - Perfect Prey. In the middle of a rock festival in Edinburgh, a charity worker is sliced across the stomach and dies. 12.99
Vince Flynn - Enemy of the State. After 9/11, the United States made a secretive and dangerous deal. The evidence against the Saudis who coordinated the attack would be buried, and King Faisal promised to keep the oil flowing. 9.99
Sally Goldenbaum - Murder Wears Mittens.T he Seaside Knitters anticipate a relaxing off-season. But when murder shatters the peace, the craftiest bunch in town must unravel a killer's deadly scheme. 15.95
Charlaine Harris - Sleep Like a Baby. Robin and Aurora have finally begun their adventure in parenting. Everything is going swimmingly but when Roe's mother offers to pay for live-in childcare for Sophie, how can she refuse? 7.99
Mette Ivie Harrison - Bishop's Wife. In the predominantly Mormon city of Draper, Utah, some seemingly perfect families have deadly secrets. 9.99
Carolyn Hart - Ghost on the Case. Bailey Ruth finds herself comforting a distraught sister when she's sent to Adelaide, Oklahoma where Susan Gilbert has received a $100,000 ransom demand for her younger sibling. 7.99
Greg Herren - Florida Happens. In Florida, no crime is too unusual and no criminal too peculiar to be impossible. 15.99
Patricia Highsmith - Edith's Diary. As Edith Howland's life becomes harsh, her diary entries only become brighter. 16.00
Cheryl Hollon - Shattered at Sea. A Mediterranean cruise gives glass shop owner Savannah Webb a chance to demonstrate her expertise and skills when it comes to foul play. 7.99
Richard Hull - Murder of My Aunt. Edward Powell lives with his Aunt Mildred in the Welsh town of Llwll. Edward loathes the countryside and has decided to murder his aunt. 12.95
Joe Ide - Righteous. For ten years, something has gnawed at Isaiah Quintabe's gut and kept him up nights, boiling with anger and thoughts of revenge. Ten years ago, when Isaiah was just a boy, his brother was killed by an unknown assailant. 15.99
Ragnar Jonasson - Blackout. On the shores of a tranquil fjord in Northern Iceland, a man is brutally beaten to death on a bright summer's night. 16.99
Tina Kashian - Stabbed in the Baklava. Lucy Berberian has taken over her family's Mediterranean restaurant on the Jersey Shore after an unsatisfying stint at a Philadelphia law firm. 7.99
Dean Koontz - Crooked Staircase. Jane Hawk knows she may be living on borrowed time. Battling the strange epidemic of murder-suicides that claimed Jane's husband, has made the rogue FBI agent a wanted fugitive, relentlessly hunted not only by the government but by the secret cabal behind the plot. 9.99
Jon Land - Strong to the Bone. Texas Ranger Caitlin Strong takes on a gang of neo-Nazis. 8.99
Lynda LaPlante - Murder Mile. Economic chaos has led to widespread strikes across Britain. Jane Tennison, now a Detective Sergeant is posted to Peckham Criminal Investigation Department, one of London's toughest areas. As the rubbish on the streets begins to pile up, so does the murder count. 16.00
John Lescroart - Poison. San Francisco attorney Dismas Hardy is called upon to investigate the murder of a wealthy man whose heirs are all potential suspects. 16.00
Attica Locke - Bluebird Bluebird. When it comes to law and order, East Texas plays by its own rules, a fact that Darren Mathews, a black Texas Ranger, knows all too well. 15.99
Peter May - Killing Room. When the mutilated and dismembered bodies of eighteen women are discovered in a mass grave in Shanghai, Li is sent to establish if the corpses are related to an unsolved murder in Beijing, and he finds the most horrifying catalog of killings ever uncovered in the Middle Kingdom. 15.99
Mel McGrath - Give Me the Child. Imagine your doorbell rings in the middle of the night.
You open the door to the police. With them is your husband's eleven-year-old love child. A daughter you never knew he had. Her mother has been found dead in their south London flat. She has nowhere else to go. Would you take her in? 12.99
Leslie Meier - Halloween Murder. For Lucy Stone, Halloween in Tinker's Cove, Maine, the treats aren't just sweet and delicious. Sometimes they're also deadly. 12.95
Kate Moretti - In Her Bones. The daughter of a convicted serial killer finds herself at the center of a murder investigation. 16.00
Patricia Moyes - Season of Snows and Sins. While visiting an Alpine ski resort Detective Chief Superintendent Tibbett and his wife become aware of a scandal threatening the French government. 14.95
Elisabeth Norebäck - Tell Me You're Mine. A woman's life shatters when she meets a girl she believes is the daughter she lost years ago. 16.00
Brenda Novak - Face Off. Tortured and left for dead at sixteen, Evelyn Talbot turned her personal nightmare into her life's work studying the disturbing psychopathy of some of the world's most vicious serial killers. 7.99
Tom Ogden - Haunted Cemeteries.   More than two dozen stories of some of the most actively haunted graveyards from around the world including the sordid account of a Florida grave robber. 17.95
Katherine Hall Page - Body in the Casket. Caterer Faith Fairchild is called to Havencrest, a privileged enclave, to meet with the owner of Rowan House, a secluded sprawling Arts and Crafts mansion, about catering a weekend house party. 7.99
Scott Reardon - Prometheus Man. When a pile of bodies is found in Paris, CIA Agent Tom Blake tracks a man with enhanced abilities, the test subject of a secret government program.  15.99
J.R. Ripley - Die Die Birdie. For Amy Simms, hatching a birding shop in her hometown of Ruby Lake, North Carolina, hasn't exactly been a breeze. 7.99
Kaira Rouda - Best Day Ever. Paul Strom has planned a romantic weekend for his wife, Mia, at their lake house, just the two of them. And he's promised today will be the best day ever.  15.99
Georges Simenon - Maigret's Doubts. Inspector Maigret finds himself caught in the middle of a husband and wife duo's case of "he said/she said" with murderous consequences. 13.00
Denise Swanson - Die Me A River. When School psychologist Skye Denison-Boyd and her husband meet with the priest to discuss their newborn twins' christening, an explosion at the nearby bowling alley rocks the rectory. 7.99
Clover Tate - Wuthering Kites. Kite shop owner Emmy Adler feels an ill wind blowing through Rock Point when a murder hits close to home. 7.99
Emma Viskic - Resurrection Bay. Caleb Zelic's childhood friend has been brutally murdered at his home in Melbourne and Caleb vows to track down the killer. 14.95
Stuart Woods - Unbound. Stone Barrington is pulled along for the ride when a friend pursues a perilous course of vengeance. 9.99

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Editor- Stephanie Saxon Levine

 Cheryl Kravetz, Stephanie Saxon Levine, Stacey Schwartz, Joanne Sinchuk,
 Sue Wilder, and David Wulf

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