Today EMC starts year 29
and Satan growls and bears his teeth. HELP!
Queens office with signs lit up EMC in Jackson Heights with signs on on the 2nd floor above the nail salon.
Police are doing stop and frisk right under our windows looking for the murderer, from last week.
P.O. Box 134
Bronx, New York 10470



Mom in Queens at mill
EMC outreach work at mill in between two September murder sites.


2013-Detroit intern hoists babeAn EMC Lifesaver in hoists a babe in a mom's home.


EMC outreaching at Austin PP
rain or shine to save moms.


2013-Queens Intern Counsels Clients
An EMC counselor inside our Queens office where outside murder just took place .


Approaching client's car at Miami abortion mill w daring.


2013-Queens Show & Tell w Mom/Baby
Show & tell with Queens mom with fetal models works well.


EMC team of 8 assist fighting for 20 week ban in Austin, TX.


2013-Queens Intern Counsels Clients

2013-Queens Hispanic Street OutreachJackson Heights Queens EMC street work steps from our 2nd Floor office..










  EMC Life-Savers in NYC are under intense spiritual and emotional attack!


Friend for Life,,   

Recent floods, explosions, evacuations, break-ins, nearby murders, illnesses, and set backs, have me growing much closer to God, and I can tell you sincerely, that our EMC FrontLine life-savers in New York City need you now, more than ever.

I am begging for your prayers and mortifications for our staff, interns and clients, right now, because we have had so many close calls, and challenges that are way beyond the ordinary. 

Eileen with Spanish girls
Eileen Slattery pictured with five brave, current, three month long Spanish EMC Counselor interns, this past weekend.

Here's why I am asking for your prayers, and financial help.

First, on September 9th, the office building's giant water tank exploded on the roof right above our top floor clinic space at 44 Court Street, in downtown Brooklyn, flooding only our office. 
he two abortion clinics on the 3rd and 6th floors, in the same building were spared. (I previously emailed you about this, and thanks to those who generously helped get us up and running, fast!)

Second, on Wednesday September 11th, the 12th Anniversary of the infamous 9/11 terrorists attacks, which we all know of too well, a massive explosion erupted from underground electrical cables, right under our windows at EMC's offices at 344 East 149th St, 2nd floor in the South Bronx.

Forgive me for the upended video below (turn your screen if you can!) but watch and listen to the the commotion! 
All our staff and volunteers were evacuated from our building. That is evacuations two days apart for us!

Flames and thick smoke billowed from the manholes.  
Fire at EMC South Bronx 9/11/13
Fire at EMC South Bronx 9/11/13

This multiple alarm blaze knocked out our office power, and and our internet connection is still out there almost a month later! Con Edison worked 18 hours straight to restore our power on 9/11-12, so we were up and running the next afternoon, thanks to them and our good God.    
Then we have had other setbacks for EMC staff way beyond normal.

Our Queens doctor who volunteers twice a week, had a house break-in on 9/13, and a number of laptops were stolen, and then she developed a painful skin disease, and she is in the hospital even today for a recurrence.

On Monday, September 16th, at the very 90th St, #7 subway station, our doctor and staff use daily, just a block from our Jackson Heights office, a 69 year old Woodside man was brutally stabbed to death, and a teenage boy was arrested for his murder.  Please 
Here is the subway station where our EMC doctor and volunteers travel to and from daily, where a man was stabbed to death on September 16th.  
Just four days later, right in front of 89-08 Roosevelt Ave, our very address, another murder took place just minutes after the closing of our office on Friday, September 20th. 

Roosevelt Ave barricades
Please read how Roosevelt Ave, which I call "Abortion Row," is being described by local politicians as the old rough and ready Times Square. 

Click here for the 2nd Jackson Heights Murder story in four days.

  Murder scene at Queens office
Flowers mark the spot where a 33 year old Hispanic male murder victim was gunned down in cold blood on 9/20, RIGHT IN FRONT OF EMC's second floor Jackson Heights, Queens office. When I took this picture police were literally stopping and frisking male Hispanics, but I hesitated to take a picture of the cops in action.
Queens office with signs lit up  
Here is a better photo, with better lighting,where you can see more clearly our EMC Pregnancy Center office sign, and office neon lights, above the Nail salon, on the second floor.
Your courageous EMC FrontLine team has been under relentless challenges, particularly in the past month, as we just finished our 28th year of operation yesterday, October 2nd.


To top it off we just had a late night home invasion, on Tuesday night, October 1st, where a young hispanic male broke into our Bronx LifeHouse while our nine interns were home, and a few or our brave interns confronted him.


The interns were able to grab a bag of loot he stole, including laptops, but he got away with phones, cash, IDs, MetroCards, and a few rings, which he had stolen from a bedroom and attic while most interns were on a backyard deck.


These heroes and others have saved literally hundreds of babies this past Summer and early Fall, here in America's Abortion Capital and in new EMC offices, and at major abortion mills.


I now have to invest in new locks, possibly doors, and security systems at our Bronx Life House, where we house our interns. This is on top of covering back rent, and over due electric, and phones bills.


It would help our Life-Saving operation which reaches scores of moms and babies daily, to protect our vulnerable protectors, right now and to give them your maximum support, please.


 Greetings!please make a critically needed gift of $29, $100, $250, $500, or even $1,000 to help pay for home protection, food, rent money, replacement cell phones and metro cards today.


 Please click on the Heart>


Please  Heart from the heart, via credit card, check or PayPal. 


You might even consider sponsoring a whole three month Fall internship for one intern for $1,200, or cover a $30 toward a weekly MetroCard, or anything in between!! 


Just please click on the heart above, please, RIGHT NOW, to keep the life-savers going!


In the past 28 years, we have been privileged to save over 42,000 girls and women from abortion. 


Your NYC based pioneering, baby- saving group, is under physical, emotional, spiritual and financial attack.


As today, we begin our 29th year of life-saving in NYC and beyond, please pray up a storm for us, and give so we can keep on giving to the moms and babies who need it the most.


 Yours for Life on the FrontLines,



    Slattery Headshot

Chris Slattery 212-685-1360 
National Director, EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers 
PS It frightens our interns to work on the FrontLines in dangerous neighborhoods especially in the Bronx, and Queens but they pray for courage and they go out day after day to help mothers and save their babies from abortion. But their courage is being mightily tested when their home in the central Bronx is invaded. Please respond today to help secure our LifeHouse,  and to cover mounting back bills to keep the Life-saving going.

Please Make a Life-Saving donation today by Credit Card or Check today! Donate here Please! Text me at 212-685-1360
2013-EMC Interns in LosAngeles
EMC interns on either side   We depend on you, and your prayers
of Astrid Bennett in LA.
      God can and will work many miracles of grace, if we respond!
About Us

EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers have been organized and directed by Chris Slattery, and was incorporated on October 2, 1985..  EMC works in counseling centers and medical offices in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, and now in other cities.

2013-Intern Interviews w F. Cabrera  NYC City Councilman Fernando Cabrera interviews EMC Intern.


EMC operates with counseling, testing and referrals nationwide, and with onsite ultrasound in NYC, and in some cases with pre-natal care. Outside NYC, we are starting with testing, and counseling outside NYC, and will begin with ultrasound by referrals.


Please consider a sacrifical donation to our work at this critical time as our life-saving efforts expand nationwide.  


Please Make a Life-Saving donation today by Credit Card or Check today! Donate here Please! 212-213-4690