Murphy Falchuck's Haunted House - Landmark
Murphy Falchuck's Haunted House is a favorite location for visitors to explore in the Scholarton neighborhood of Old Bradford. The house became an infamous location in 1935 after a series of mysterious events led a medium by the name of Murphy Falchuck to examine the property, and deem it 'certified haunted'.
History of the Haunted House:

The house was originally commissioned by Lyle Burgess, the owner of a successful shipping firm. Burgess had a wife, Sharon, and four children, Andrew, Frederick, Wendy and Lyle Jr. Built in 1879, the house originally sat on a much larger parcel of land that the family had to themselves, encompassing fully two acres of sparsely wooded area. The family was all killed in their home on the same night in 1894; the crime was purportedly never solved, and all records of the case were presumed destroyed in the fire of 1908.

The house lay abandoned for some time after; the estate had passed to one of Lyle's brothers, one Lawrence Burgess, who did nothing with it as he was living in New York City. Lawrence was a wealthy stockbroker who lost everything on Black Tuesday and subsequently committed suicide, leaving behind neither children nor heirs. As such, ownership of the estate passed to Titan City.

When city survey crews surveyed the property in 1933, it was empty save for the house itself and an outbuilding. The crew reported strange sounds and lights coming from the building, with one member also reporting “a window that wasn't there”, a baffling claim at the time. When an inspector was tasked with examining the interior of the house he came back missing three fingers from his left hand and telling wild stories about what was in there, and, more importantly, what wasn't. He reported falling along ceilings and seeing through windows that were not visible from the outside – windows that were hundreds of feet in the air. He convinced the city to condemn the building, and also convinced them that tearing it down was a terrible idea. The property was subdivided, with new metes and bounds for the house's grounds drawn up based on what was considered a safe enough distance to keep between the house and everyone else.
In 1935 a medium by the name of Murphy Falchuck was brought in to examine the property, and deemed it 'certified haunted', which was good enough to convince everyone not to bother with it. A sign was put up to warn off the curious, as was a chainlink fence, and the house was ignored for some time.

As generation after generation of Bradford citizens grew up around the house, it began to acquire a certain local fame. As the process of Bradford's population becoming mostly wealthy eccentrics picked up, this fame turned into a sort of celebrity, and the residents began to celebrate having a genuine haunted house. Eventually the chain link fence was taken down, the sign was replaced with a new one, and the property was bought from the city by the homeowner's association, which began to take care of the property in the hopes of keeping it looking 'haunted' without becoming genuinely dilapidated. As such the house looks fairly good for something nobody has lived in for over a hundred years.
The most recent event of note is that PIT has heard of the house and has begun trying to gain legal entrance. Stymied by the Homeowner's Association and a judge sympathetic to their requests, PIT has been instructed to stay off the premises and 'not bust the ghosts'. The Arcane Sentinel became involved at PIT's request, and while they were also not allowed in, they were allowed to put wards around the house to prevent the ghosts from going out and wreaking havoc. While there were no confirmed reports of this ever happening, there were rumors that it had, and this was deemed good enough to allow it. For now the house bides, an enigma refusing to be investigated.
Murphy Falchuck's Cemetery - Mogul
Murphy Falchuck's Haunted House is also sitting on the grounds of a small cemetery to its side. This cemetery is the location of a CoT Mogul contributor, with a secret entry into a base location within the crypt at the back of the cemetery.