Murphy's Dinner Specials for the Week of:


Available daily from 4 - 7 p.m.

As beef, pork and chicken continue to become harder to find and the prices continue to heavily increase, there is a need for some price adjustments to our menus. (just one example - our hamburger has increased $50 per case as of this week.) Raw hamburger in the stores will also considerably increase. We do not expect these prices to hold for more than 2 - 5 weeks but unfortunately for now this is the reality. There may also be a possibility of some of our regular dinner items becoming unavailable due to lack of inventory at our supplier. We will continue to to our best to bring you a dinner menu that is affordable for both you and us. We have tried to purchase as much as we can for our inventory to offset these price increases. Thank you for your patience concerning these price fluctuations and inventory issues effecting everyone across the country.

call 616.895.1744.

Just a reminder that we also have available:

Toilet Paper
Paper Towels
Nitrile Gloves (M & XL)

Available online and call ahead only.


Hot Turkey sandwich
Good old-fashioned sliced smoked turkey on white bread with homemade mashed potatoes. Smothered in gravy. Served with choice of a side salad, coleslaw or applesauce. | $10


Homemade Pot Roast
With mashed potatoes, gravy and a veggie with choice of a side salad, coleslaw or applesauce. | $11


Chicken Quesadilla
12" Grilled Tortilla with fajita seasoned strip chicken, onions and green peppers with Monterey-Jack cheddar cheese. Comes with a side of Spanish rice, lettuce, tomato, salsa and sour cream. | $10


Grilled Meatloaf
Homemade meatloaf finished on our flat-top grill served with a baked potato and choice of side salad, coleslaw or applesauce. | $11


Deep fried Alaskan Pollock
With choice of baked potato or fries and slaw. | $10


Swiss Steak
Slow cooked Swiss steak covered in a mushroom/beef gravy. Served with a baked potato, vegetable and choice of a side salad, applesauce or coleslaw. | $11