Murphy's will be re-opening for dine-in beginning Monday June 8, 2020. We will be returning to our regular business hours of 6 a.m. - 2 p.m. Monday - Saturday.

We are beyond grateful for all the support from all of you during this stay home order. Without YOU, we wouldn't have been able to stay open for the last 90 days. We also want to thank the many others that have helped support us with gift card purchases such as Valley Church, True Value, Kevin Curtis State Farm, Farm Bureau, and too many others to mention.


Our lobby will remain closed, therefore all guests are required to call ahead (616) 895-1744 to get in line.
You can also join the waitlist. here.

You will be asked to wait outside or in your vehicle until your table is ready. You will receive a text or a phone call if your phone is not able to accept texts. Please have patience as our staff sharpens their ability to work with the technology needed to make this happen.

If you do not feel comfortable yet dining-in with other guests we ask that you please utilize our take out and curbside pick-up options until you do. We want to make this transition as comfortable as possible for everyone.

Governor Whitmer has asked that all guests wear masks until they reach their table. However if you cannot wear one for medical reasons, we will not and are not allowed to question you according to ADA guidelines. We cannot ask what condition you may have as that would violate HIPPA laws.

If you have any symptoms of or currently exhibit signs of COVID-19, you ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE. There are no exceptions. If you knowingly enter while currently infected or are exhibiting signs of COVID-19, you may be asked to leave immediately. You may also be held liable for spreading the virus.

We want all our guests to feel safe so don't put others at risk for a dine-in meal. Please use the sanitizer station on your way in. We are only allowed to set up tables for up to 6 people at a time.

Since Governor Whitmer has limited our seating capacity to 50%, please keep in mind that many people have been itching to actually sit down to eat at a restaurant. We ask that you are mindful of the time you spend in the dining room. We love that you can come back to our dining room and want everyone to get the chance as well.

Our tables and person to person contact areas have been modified to include cough/sneeze shields. We are not allowed to utilize our buffet as of now.

With all the above said, keep in mind that this is your last week to get our dinner specials as we return to regular business hours. Order online at or call (616) 895-1744.