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Monday Wednesday and Thursday  - Denton Office  - 9-5:30

Tuesday and Friday - Home Office - 9-4

Home Office Hours Expanded

January 1st I moved Friday's to my house as an experiment. The experiment worked out well and Fridays are regularly well attended. I'm sure some of you noticed that Tuesday also now says closed when you look at the schedule - For almost two years now, I had openings for three people in Denton onTuesdays as I did my Horse Ranch treatments in the afternoons. My horse guy moved from south of Lake Ray Roberts to most of the way up to Whitesboro March 1st. With gas what it is - and the fact that it takes me almost an hour to drive to his place from here... I choose to put the three visits I was doing on Tuesdays onto MWTH and open the mornings at my house. Not to take anything away from my people who live south... You will see I put those three visits on later times M, W, Th. So in essence - there are no fewer spaces available in Denton - they are just all in three days...  And when you look and see times are not there it is because I have some people who book their appointments out 6-8 months in advance.  It's not that they are not visits...

And for those who like being able to come to the Valley View location - you can now schedule yourself under the book it now tab home office location.  Just know that GPS will get you on Oak Hill Road but it WILL NOT stop at the correct address 95% of the time...  Just look for the mail box numbers.  I'm about a mile in from either end of Oak Hill.  Toby and April will be glad to see you.  And Toby will appreciate you throwing the ball!


Education Opportunity This Weekend!

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Customer Appreciation Day

Link to watch recording - I presented the horse part at 1.50. Human set usage st 47.5 - or you can always watch the whole thing...

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BEMER - changing lives one at a time

Come hear the science, the inspiration, and the practical way BEMER can address your Health and you Wealth.

Muscle stimulation at its finest

Dr. Berka was interviewed by Luke Kervin in Authority Magazine!!!

Health Tech: Dr. Joshua Berka On How BEMER’s Technology Can Make An Important Impact On Our Overall Wellness

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BEMER Medical Round Table 

Dr. Joshua Berka. 

July 15, 2022 5-6pm 

Grapevine Chamber of Commerce

200 Vine St E TX

Grapevine, TX 76051

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Guest presentation to follow from 7-9 - Free

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BEMER Saturday $25 July 16


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Sharon Lindy


Two years ago I decided I needed to make myself take a vacation.  I bought into Diamond Resorts to cause me to do just that and two years later - I still have not gone...  I called to set up the vacation that came with my package - planning on going in January only to find out if I didn't go in July - I would loose my free trip to Hawaii - which was the incentive to buy...  So - I'm off to Hawaii July 29-Aug 8.  I am also going to support Nathan Piper as he again goes to Las Vegas to compete in the Run for a Million reining horse competition.  15 top riders will compete for the prize.  So I'll be gone from Aug 18-21 for that.  And I signed up to take Bemer to the Tulsa Reining Horse show  back in January... which I have now backed down from the full 12 days that is runs to only manning the booth the last 4 days.  So August is going to be a very busy month.  Please book early as there will only be so many days.  I apologize for being gone so much in such a short time period but life sometimes rolls like that.  This past weekend I attended John Barnes's Cervical Thoracic Course - which was wonderful and with the Bemer Meeting this coming weekend I had backed out of the other two courses he is having while he is here but - alas  - He is allowing me to go for part as it is a repeat so along with presenting in Dallas Friday night and Saturday - I'll be attending the Fascial Cranium Course Friday till 4 and Sunday all day.  I look forward to incorporating the refinements in techniques that always comes with attending class.

I am working on doing videos - I finally have figured out how to make the videos - now I've got to sort out how to get them into a format you can access.  My first one will be on posture. - so be on the look out.  I believe I'll be able to put them on my website and just announce they are up in this newsletter.

It sure is HOT out - I hope you enjoy your summer - I know mine is flying by!  Please Pray for Rain -  We need it badly.  I wish you each health and happiness and look forward to seeing you on my table when you need me.  

One last caveat - if you can notice anyplace in your motion where it is not free/fluid/smooth - that is a perfect place to pay attention to.  I see so many people pushing into end range of motion thinking that is where the gold is at to improve their motion.  I instead think you will gain more ground by finding what is free and fluid no matter how small it is and then expand what is free.  Most joint have flexion and extension and rotation and some have lateral motion as well.  Think of gaining freedom in one plane of motion then incorporating another plane.  Go slower than you think possible and you might be surprised what shows up.  MFR principle than adds in an elongation component to that and then you really start to change.

PS - The BEMER RAAM team did it again - they broke their own world record!  BEMER improved performance and recovery in the real world - it'll work for you too!  I know it helps keep me going and yes- I'll be taking it with me to Hawaii, Las Vegas and of course to Tulsa.


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