Santa Barbara 100
Musette Bags by Fastrack

Are you one of the 100 mile riders who doesn't like to stop at aid stations? Trying to PR this year? We know every second counts, so we've partnered with local SB bike shop owner Dave Lettieri from Fastrack to offer the Fastrack Musette Bag. Dave is a 1988 Olympian, former National Champion cyclist and one of our veteran SB100 riders.

The Fastrack Musette Bag will feature 2 full water bottles (one with electrolytes) , Clif Shot, Clif Bloks and Clif Bar minis. Bags will be offered at approximately mile 45, after the Gibraltar time trial. How do you get one? Be one of the first 30 riders who does not plan to stop at an aid station and grab one as you go by. The drop zone will be marked around mile 46.

"These musette bags were a huge hit last year and we're excited to be sponsoring this very cool feature of the 100 mile ride. I know a lot of the riders appreciated the chance to grab one instead of stopping at the aid stations," Dave said.

Thanks to Fastrack for providing the bags. If you're fast enough to get one, let us know how you liked it!

The Santa Barbara 100 is October 22 and features four different courses: 100 mile, 100k, 34 mile and the new 100k+Gibraltar course. Register today, this event is limited to 1500 riders.

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