August 2019 eNews

This is the museum's 40th anniversary and since it's inception it has continued to grow and flourish. It is a very rich resource in Grants Pass, not to mention all of Southern Oregon. Since I began as Executive Director we have made a lot of changes. The first really big one is that the museum's hours are now 10am - 5pm Tuesday through Saturday. On First Friday the museum is open until 9pm. The second really huge thing is the hiring of a full time administrative assistant. Many of you have met and enjoy knowing Kristen O'Neill.

For the building itself a new air conditioner was installed as one of the old ones had failed and my office was over 90 degrees in the summer. New carpet was installed in the elevator and stairwell. Signage was changed to make the museum more visible. The lobby is going through a change which will allow us to better honor our past, present, and future supporters.

As for programs - concerts have been added to bring new people to the museum. The concert last month was sold out and had at least 17 people who had never been in the museum before. There are classes for children over seven twice a week during the summer. There are classes for adults all year round on most Saturdays.

The museum exhibits, expertly handled by the exhibition department, are inspiring and diverse. The exhibitions are probably the most important element in the museum's sustainability. These are what really draws people to the museum in the first place. Fortunately, lately, most of the exhibitions have been sponsored helping the museum's bottom line. (If you are interested in doing this sort of sponsorship - please let us know.)

And finally, the most impactful program is the fifth grade field trips to the museum. In its second year the museum hosted over 500 fifth graders from Josephine County and a few from Douglas and Jackson Counties. It is felt that if the children aren't introduced to the museum and why it matters - they won't grow up caring about this rich resource.

With all of this, and occasional needs, like a new faucet or elevator maintenance - the museum can't survive without help from members and donors, businesses and foundations. The museum is free - thus, all of its activities must be paid for with outside funds.

If you are inclined to help with our funding - at the bottom of this eNews there is a clever way of donating pretty painlessly. Recurring credit card donations are easy. Please consider helping. Because if you, as we, consider the museum a jewel in our community - help us make it shine brightly.

See you soon! Don't miss this First Friday. You have an opportunity to meet Rich Bergeman and enjoy the exhibit of his photographs.

Thank you!
Executive Director
A Letter from the President
(Ed note)
You might wonder why I used a bushel of beans to represent our new board president. My reason is that she is a very nurturing person.
She nurtures her family.
She nurtures the animals in her life. She nurtures the clients in her business.
She nurtures her beautiful garden. (the beans are from a recent harvest)
She also nurtures the museum. Under her leadership there will be great accomplishments.
Stay tuned!
Happy Summer to All,

It has been one month since I became President of the Board of Directors for the Grants Pass Museum of Art and boy has it been a busy month. My plans for the Board and the Museum are going to be focusing on a lot more Action and Appreciation and we are off to a great start.

We have an amazing group of people on the Board and I’m quite confident that as a team we can accomplish great things. We are still looking to add an additional member or two, so if you or someone you know could be an asset to the Museum, please let us know. We are also always looking for more volunteers in the museum, serving on various committees, and helping with our events. Please help where and when you can.

As part of our new positions, Michelle O’Brien, who is Vice President this year, and I have been meeting with each of the Board Members individually to get their input on 4 key questions:

         1) What do you think the Board and the Museum are doing right?
         2) What do you think we could be doing better?
         3) What are your ideas for a brighter future for the Museum?
         4) What do you see as your part in making the Museum better?

I would like to get input from members of the Museum on these questions as well. If you have any ideas or opinions, please email me at or leave a message for me at the museum and I will return your call. We have lots of exciting changes coming and as always we appreciate your support for the Grants Pass Museum of Art.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Pam Geye
August Exhibit
Rich Bergeman
A native of Ohio and an Oregonian since 1976, he discovered what photography was really about the first time he looked through the ground glass on an old 4x5 press camera in 1985, and ever since he's enjoyed a romance with the iconic, the serene, and the patina of things past their prime. For the past couple of decades he has been investigating and interpreting local histories of the Northwest through photographs of what's been left behind.

The Land Remembers exhibit is a series of infrared black and white photographs depicting the current landscape where the Rogue River Indian Wars took place in the 1800s.
This is a visually stunning exhibit with much to think about as well.
Sponsored by
Summer Classes for Kids
Classes fill up fast. Click the list to go to our website or call 541-479-3290!
Adult Class Schedule
Classes fill up fast. Click the list to go to our website or call 541-479-3290!
2019 Music at the Museum Schedule
We have scheduled one musician a month at the museum from March through October. These are independent musicians from around the world. Our July musician played to a full house - we had to turn people away. Buy your tickets early so you won't miss out. CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS.
Max Hatt & Edda Glass
August 21 at 7pm
Tickets are $15 each
"With Glass's literate lyrics, this Jazz Americana evokes the grandeur of the western landscape, telling intimate stories of little people on great plains, and leaving audiences with a feeling both light and deep. They create music that's "subtly poignant, elegantly funky, and haunting without trying to be.”
Second Friday Poetry Sharing
Free to the public. Read poetry and/or listen to others.
Important Dates to Remember
Membership Exhibition: November 22 through December 19
Black, White, and the Blues: February 22, 2020
Dancing with the Grants Pass Stars: May 16, 2020
Art in the Garden: June 13 and 14th
Fifth Grade Field Trips to the Museum
The fifth grade field trips are over for this year. They were very successful and engaging. Over 500 students visited the museum. Here is a wonderful short video produced by Video Blvd that describes the adventure.
A great place to find treasures!
Susan Paul-Williams and Catherine Wiley are the featured artists for August.
Gallery One is a great place to find art of all kinds from cards to jewelry to sculpture to paintings to baskets and more. Stop by and enjoy!
The gallery has the best cards ever. They are all done by local artists.
There is always an artist "on duty" to help you. You can take a virtual tour of Gallery One by CLICKING HERE.
Celebrating the Museum's 40th Anniversary
How time flies. Many of you were around when the museum first opened on 6th Street in its original location. Many more of you were here when the Museum moved to Riverside Park. And now, all of you can experience the wonderful Grants Pass Museum of Art on G Street.

We are so appreciative of all who have helped make the museum what it is today.
The museum does not receive government funding (other than grants from the Josephine County Cultural Coalition). So keeping the doors open depends on grants, donations, memberships, and rent from the street level businesses (Closet Catalyst and Gallery One). You can do one time donations and you can also do monthly donations. It's easy - and we appreciate you very much!
Here's an idea for you. Obviously you care about the museum or you wouldn't be a member. Did you know you can make monthly donations using our website and your credit card. You just put in your information once and automatically your credit card will be charged each month. SO a $10 donation per month equals $120 at the end of the year. (OR $20.85 equals $250 per year. Or $83 per month equals $996 per year) Amazing!
Click the picture on the left to go to the website where you will find the donation page. (And Thank You!)
You can also call us at 541-479-3290 or send mail to us at
Grants Pass Museum of Art, P.O. Box 966, Grants Pass, OR 97528