December 2023

Dear Hyla,

The membership exhibit is in full swing. We had 115 artists submit 198 pieces of art. It's stunning and amazing. The wonderful team of Susan Burnes and Mark Simonds made magic and created a true work of art with all of the various pieces. The exhibit flows and everyone is happy. We are receiving wonderful compliments from visitors.

We also want to thank the installation crew - who really excelled in hanging and placing all of the art. It's a daunting task and they did an amazing job.

Don't miss it! The exhibit will be up through December 21.

Following that, the museum will close for the winter break. During that time we will be creating a portal from Gallery One into the street level lobby of the museum. So many people STILL have trouble figuring out where we are. We are hoping this portal will help.

Speaking of Gallery One - it is all decked out with wonderful treasures for holiday gifts. Be sure and shop. It's good for the artists and it also helps the museum.



Executive Director

Current Exhibit

There were 115 member artists who submitted 198 works of art for the exhibit.

Exhibits are planned for 2024

Following is a brief preview of what is to come. As it turns out, 2024 (except for the scholarship fund exhibit) is "The Year of Women Artists." We are proud to offer these exhibits because women in the arts have been undervalued for too long.

In addition to the main galleries, the community gallery has some interesting offerings including Betty LaDuke's turtles. We are also going to feature the BLM Artist in Residence again as well as Dia de los Muertos. It is going to be a great year.

January 27 - February 17

Virginia Andrade Art Sale

Virginia wanted to help the museum and donated all of her art to us prior to her death. This sale is in lieu of our normal fundraiser. (And in honor of a great lady and a generous family.)

Impasse is an example.

February 27 - March 16

The Mark Simonds Scholarship Fund sale

We have been gifted a number of framed fine art paintings which are to be sold and used to provide scholarships for people interested in the arts.

The scholarship fund will be in Mark Simonds name to honor all that he has done for the museum (and is still doing!)

Jean Miro - Miro Sans Le Soleil III is one of them.

March 26 - May 10

Eileen Bowie

Eileen is a regional abstract artist. Her art is provocative and will be a catalyst for many conversations.

Abuse of Power

May 15 - July 19

Fiber Art

Claire Jones is from Washington State and

Melissa Thompson is from Montana.

These two artists will share an exhibit which will be an installation throughout the entire museum.

July 24 - September 20


Heidi Bruekner is from Oakland, California

Her slice of life portraits tell many stories.

Aging Parent

September 25 - November 15

The art of Amy Nelder

Amy lives in San Francisco, California

Her hyper realism is fascinating.

Build Your Own Eden

November 22 - December 19 The 2024 Membership Exhibit

Adult Workshops

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Future Events at the Museum

December 26

Concerts for 2024

Concerts are scheduled for most months in 2024.

Sunday, March 10 we celebrate St. Patricks day with a celtic group called Counter Current.

Thursday, April 18 is Rough & Tumble with Scott Tyler and Mallory Graham

Thursday, May 9 is Claude Bourbon from England

Thursday, July 25 is Rupert Wates from New York

Thursday, August 22 is Ted Ganger from Germany

Thursday, September 26 is Dana Cooper from Texas

Thursday, October 17 is Patrick Sampson Music from New York

and Thursday, November 14 is Chris Baron Music from Portland, Oregon

Tickets will be available soon on the website.

Author Talks

Date: Sunday, February 11

Time: 2pm


David Evans mew book, Light Like No Other is a journey of awakening and a celebration of life. The forty-one poems are set in the headland forests, seacoast trails, shimmering wetlands and coastal mountains of his beloved Oregon. In these intimate pieces he meditates on healing from childhood trauma, shame and self-judgment and the difficult journey toward forgiveness and self-love. The poems express the delight of loving fully, the courage to find peace with life and a tender acceptance of aging and mortality. They follow an evolving path away from traditional religion toward finding profound gratitude and joy in a deeply felt interconnectedness with the creative energy and luminous beauty of the natural world.

Whatever season of life you are in, he hopes Light Like No Other will refresh you and leave you tenderhearted and brimming with gratitude.

Happenings at the museum in November

(last month)

Elvia Bone shows how sugar skulls are made. She is dressed in traditional Dia de los Muertos fashion.

A free family Saturday during Dia de los Muertos. Everyone was invited to decorate a traditional mask.

Ballet Folklorico entertained visitors during First Friday in November.

Everyone enjoyed the dances. There were children and adults.

Our collaboration with the Rogue Valley Symphony continues. This picture is of "Coffee Classics." Martin and head musicians from the string and percussion sections were part of the conversation.

As part of our Author Talk series, Jennifer Roberts debuted her new book, The Village Healer's Book of Cures about the hunt for witches in England. The book is an historic novel. Her talk was magic.

The Northwest Seasonal Workers Association tabled outside the museum during First Friday.

Opening reception of the Membership Exhibit for the participating artists.

Gallery One

A great place to shop for gifts of all kinds - all original art creations by Southern Oregon artists. The best place for one of a kind ornaments and cards too.
Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am - 5pm.

A perfect place to find gifts!



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If you get this far....

Who doesn't love trains (of all sizes)! Here's this year's Lionel Train set up.