January 2023

The page has turned and we have a new year. It will be filled with everything a year gets filled with and more. For the museum, it will be a great year. Exhibitions have been booked, musicians are ready to entertain, films will be shown and more. When we review all that the museum provides we are reminded that none of it could happen without all of you. Thank you for all of your support in the past and we look forward to the future.

This year we want to feature some of the people who make things happen at the museum. We will be learning more about our greeters and the artists in Gallery One.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Executive Director
Current Exhibit
We are very honored to have
Evergreen Federal Bank
sponsor this fun event.
Call For Art
Art can be dropped off at the museum
January 13 & 14 from noon - 4pm
Meet Our Greeters
Marcia Lawson is now helping with our group of greeters. Over the next few months, she will be telling you more about them. In the meantime, here's a bit about Marcia and her very interesting life.
I was born in a small town in rural North Dakota; right up by the Canadian border. I grew up north of Los Angeles and graduated from Reseda High School in 1964.
While I was in high school, I wore a small stick pin…..a small life-size ladybug. When family and friends would travel, they would bring me a small ladybug something and thus a decade’s long collection started.(I have thousands now!)
My work experience included the State of California University system, a company with many retail clothing stores in southern California, a Nuclear Engineering and Risk Assessment firm, and my last 10 years before retirement, a financial services firm here in Grants Pass. 
My recreational pursuits include downhill snow skiing, backpacking into the mountains for a week at a time, leading groups on bicycle rides, private pilot’s license, and scuba diving. I also enrolled in a motorcycle riding class and bought a motorcycle. I owned that bike for 25 years and rode across country four times, two times by myself.
In 2000 I moved to GP to work for the financial services firm. 
On February 1st of 2011 I retired. I miss my work-a-day routine but I am enjoying my retirement.
I volunteer at the GP Museum of Art, Gallery One, the hospital auxiliary, and the humane society,
I was working at Gallery One during Halloween of 2022.  
Who Knew?
Gallery One Artists Have Interesting Lives
These fun facts have been gathered by a friend of the museum. She prefers to remain anonymous. We are including pictures of the artists' work. You can see more by checking out the artist directory HERE!
Meet Trish Hahn, who not only creates spectacular crystal jewelry but also was a concert pianist at age 13!
No kidding, She had to take lessons and then after a short time actually loved it and didn't need any more bribes (ask her about the cookies). At 13, she performed Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue at CARNEGIE HALL.
She also played Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique to a blind audience and received a standing ovation.
If you have a piano handy, I'm sure she won't be able to resist. 
So whether she's stringing dozens of crystals or tickling the ivories, she's grand.
Let me tell you the bear facts; Karen O'Brien started making teddy bears for co-workers (she was a nurse at this time) and doing shows and selling to collectors around the world! Needing backdrops for her craft booths started another art path. Painting and collage. Being self-taught (hard to believe} but then there were no rules, no boundaries, no permission.
So what started in her den exploded into a forest of unsurpassed creative energy. Many of her paintings have an empathetic expression...channeling her inner nurse?
Sign up for her March class at the Museum and see what we mean.
Carole Hayne's pottery is pure poetry; the designs are beautiful and the glazes perfection. But little known is that she has a PhD in clinical psychology and a BA in physics.., she was one woman with hundreds of men...sounds dreamy, not.
Here is a Tracy/Hepburn moment in her history. U of WA introduced a new class that involved learning how to use a computer. You wrote the program in pencil one symbol at a time. Then took it to a large room where a group key punched it onto cards, one line to a card. Then you took the stack of cards to another building and deposited it into a slot. A week later, you picked up a bundle of paper which was yards long. The computer took up the whole building.
Luckily her computer now is tiny but her pottery is artfully gigantic!
Tina Albrecht creates luscious watercolors that are almost ethereal capturing nature and animals including cats! But she didn’t just pick up a brush and palette, No. she had a background that included developing her organizational skills in a print shop. (Ask her about the earthquake). Plus hiking which gives her a deeper understanding of color and form.
Tina also creates her own magical jewelry with her wonderfully colorful dichroic glass.
She has a funny story of what her cat dragged in. During Christmas, her cat Smeagol had brought in a friend that he chased around the living room. All of the sudden, there was silence and she noticed an additional ornament on the Christmas tree! On closer inspection, she saw a tiny flying squirrel tucked in the branches. They set it free and rejoiced that there are flying squirrels in Oregon.
Tina also leads a dulcimer group on Mondays at the Museum…stop in for some sweet music.
Click the poster above to sign up for these wonderful workshops.
These films are called "Exhibitions on Screen" and never disappoint. They come to us from England. Included in the $5 ticket is always chocolate and popcorn. What could be better. A Sunday afternoon with friends. If you click the picture, you can purchase tickets.
Alice DiMicele
Date: February 9
Time: 7-9pm (Doors open at 6:30)
Wine and snacks available
Tickets are $20 each
Sponsored by:
Welch Investment Group

The Kitchen Renovation
Huge thanks to the Oregon Community Foundation, The Four Way Community Foundation, and the Carpenter Foundation for making this renovation possible.
A very nice family has adopted the kitchen cabinets and appliances. We even threw in the kitchen sink. They will be using it all in their garage where they have created a family fun space. We are excited that it all has a new home.
And so it begins. Ben Qual (Qual Construction) is seen here with Mark Simonds.
Gosh, where did we put that island?
Everything removed and waiting to be picked up and taken to a new home.
More items waiting to be picked up. It took a few days. Lots to move!
The entire exhibit space is being repainted, including the pedestals. Kinda looks like Stonehenge.
No tile, new walls, everything prepped for the new gallery space. Plumbers and electricians have also helped.
Other events planned for 2023
We haven't forgotten about the "usual" events like Poetry Sharing, Life Drawing, Watercolor Critique and more. These just had to be put on hold during the kitchen renovation. They will be back in February (or in some cases sooner) - stay tuned!
May 19 and 20 will feature a Day and Night at the museum with AIM (Authors' Innovating Marketing. This was so successful in the past we are bringing it back by popular demand. This area has some really good authors you will get to meet.
Our annual garden tour will be June 10 and 11. You don't want to miss it.
We are busy deciding on which gardens will be in the tour this year. If you are interested in having your garden featured - let us know.
AND...a new fundraiser for the museum and a great event for you to attend. We are going to host a talent show called "Let Us Entertain You."
We are waiting for a firm date from the Performing Arts Center for this fall.
Do you shop on Amazon?
Did you know that if you go to a special link called Amazon Smile you can choose a nonprofit to benefit from your purchase. Each nonprofit has a unique link. Here's the portal you can use for the museum. Every little bit helps! CLICK HERE or click the picture to shop and benefit the museum. The best part is that it doesn't cost you any extra!
Could you volunteer some of your time?
There are lots of different things a volunteer can do at the museum. One of the biggest needs we have right now is for greeters. These are people who act as a host when people visit the museum. The "shift" is four hours from 1pm - 5pm or noon - 4 Tuesday through Saturday. Click the pix on the left to sign up! It's really fun.
Gallery One News
A great place to shop for gifts of all kinds - all original art creations by Southern Oregon artists. The best place for one of a kind ornaments and cards too.
Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am - 5pm.
Help keep the museum free for all!
Over the last 43 years, the Museum has showcased art that connects us across time, geography, and cultural differences. We couldn’t fulfill our important mission without the generous support of our members and donors. Today, will you go above and beyond and make a gift to empower our vital work of connecting our community with the power of art?
If you get this far....
Thousands of Rubic Cubes become art! Really! This is truly amazing.