January 2024

Dear Hyla,

When the end of the year comes and goes - and then the new year begins - I ponder about how to honor and acknowledge everyone who has participated in the museum's viability. This year I decided to list the many categories (and I'm sure there are some missing) of the people and organizations who have interacted with the museum. It is an awesome list and really tells the story of how much we need all of you.

Special thanks goes to my Administrative Specialist, Alicia White. Together we have discovered that anything and everything can happen and we have learned to expand our goals.

We hope you will visit the museum often in 2024. We have many wonderful adventures planned.



Executive Director

I asked ChatGPT's Dall-e to draw a thank you as if Van Gogh was creating it. Since he as been gone for over 100 years, this is not a copywrite infringement. But I did want to give DALL-e credit. AND I wanted to give all of you credit!

Thank you Foundations

Carpenter Foundation, Four Way Community Foundation, Ford Family Foundation, Roundhouse Foundation, Miller Foundation, Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Community Foundation, Josephine County Cultural Coalition, Haines & Friends, Trust Management, and the City of Grants Pass.

Thank you Sponsors

Evergreen Federal Bank, Mark & Carolyn Simonds, Roe Motors, Pacific Power, All Care Health, Dutch Bros., Welch Investment Group, Morgan Stanley/Nelson Maler, Glass Forge, Holiday Inn Express, Bolt Grafix, Mid Rogue Imaging, Club Northwest, Vellozzi & Associates, Redwood Nursery, Southern Oregon Sanitation, American Folklife Network.

Thank you Board Members

Penelope DiGennaro, Nancy Sterling, Kate Bortells, Ann Rusk, Nancy Yonally, Cal Kenney, Pam Zaklan, Porter Palomino, Marla Coughran.

Thank you Volunteers

Exhibition Department, Acquisition Committee, Installation Committee, Greeters, Art in the Garden hosts/ coordinators/ greeters, Art in the Garden ticket outlets (Diamond Home Improvement, Kitchen Company, Redwood Nursery, Greenleaf Industries), performers in the Let Us Entertain You variety show (*also Dawn Welch & Kelly Moodie for being the MCs), Kathi Holmbeck (Attorney), and Jared Long, who occasionally pulls an electronic rabbit out of a hat for us.

Thank you Members

We are very grateful for members, both new and continuing. We could not exist without all of your support.

Thank you Donors

To all of you who have donated amounts ranging from $5 to $5,000, we thank you. Later this year all of you will be honored on our donor recognition lobby at the museum.

Thank you Instructors

You make people smile and enrich their lives by teaching something creative.

Thank you Gallery One Artists

You add to the cultural richness of Grants Pass and help us monetarily sustain the viability of the museum itself. Thank you to Gallery One manager, Cindy Kahoun. And to Summer Sheets who keeps the inventory and sales under control.

Thank you Exhibition Artists

Karen O'Brien, Gabriel Lipper, Sandra Poteet, Ann Chadwick Reid, Natalie Niblack, all of the high school students who participated in Best of the Best (plus their teachers who helped make it happen and SOU for the sponsorship),

Anne Brooke, and all 115 artists who brought their art for the 2023 Membership Exhibit.

Thank you Community Gallery Participants

Heather and Arthur Kahn, Barb Hochberg, Tommi Drake, Karen Zimmer, Dave Renton, Kim Sterling, The Pollinator Project, Misti King, Bureau of Land Management Artist in Residence Abigail Merickel, Dennis and Elvia Bone (Dia de los Muertos).

Thank you ShoeFly

We enjoy having you as a tenant and neighbor. We could not ask for a more wonderful business to occupy the building. Definitely art for you feet and more!

Thank you Fifth Graders

We love having you visit the museum on field trips. We hope we inspire you all.

Thank you Kristen O'Neill who orchestrated the field trips.

Thank you Visitors

General admission to the museum is free - so whether a visitor is a member or not, we appreciate all who come to enjoy what we have to offer.

Thank you for Keeping Us Viable

Even though we pay most of these companies - we truly appreciate their timeliness and careful concern for our organization: Grants Pass Plumbing, Rogue Valley Heating and Air, Straight Up Elevator, The Grants Pass Police Department, SOS Alarm, Brownell Electric, Qual Construction, Speedy Pack, LLN Global (Laurie Neff), Cynthia Harelson, CPA.

Thank you for Valued Collaborations

Organizations that team up with the museum to make magic: Project Youth Plus, Josephine Community Library, JoCo Dulcimer Group, Bureau of Land Management, Evergreen Federal Bank, Author's Innovative Marketing (AIM), GP Watercolor Critique Group, The Hearth, Rogue Valley Symphony, Josephine County Youth Foundation, Rogue Gateway Rotary, The Rotary Club of Grants Pass, Northwest Seasonal Workers Association, Solada, Ashland Gallery Association, Josephine County Food Bank, Sister City, American Association of University Women, Barnstormers Theatre, PEO, Clayfolk,

Applegate Arts Working Group.

Thank you for Publicity

Thank you to The Grants Pass Daily Courier, Sneak Preview, The Grants Pass and Josephine County Chamber of Commerce, and the Southern Oregon Magazine. And special thanks to Nancy Sterling, our graphic goddess and John (onceuponaguy) Jones, our webmaster and postcard creator.

Upcoming Exhibits

Adult Workshops

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Future Events at the Museum

Second Friday - January 12

7pm - 9pm


Read a poem, listen to poems, enjoy the company of fun people.

Optional theme for January:


(This image of trees is from Charlie and Peggy's garden at Art in the Garden 2022.)

Concerts for 2024

Concerts are scheduled for most months in 2024.

Sunday, March 10 we celebrate St. Patricks day with a celtic group called Counter Current.

Thursday, April 18 is Rough & Tumble with Scott Tyler and Mallory Graham

Thursday, May 9 is Claude Bourbon from England

Thursday, July 25 is Rupert Wates from New York

Thursday, August 22 is Ted Ganger from Germany

Thursday, September 26 is Dana Cooper from Texas

Thursday, October 17 is Patrick Sampson Music from New York

and Thursday, November 14 is Chris Baron Music from Portland, Oregon

Tickets are available now on the website. CLICK HERE!

Gallery One

A great place to shop for gifts of all kinds - all original art creations by Southern Oregon artists. The best place for one of a kind ornaments and cards too.
Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am - 5pm.

A perfect place to find gifts!



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If you get this far....

Who doesn't love trains (of all sizes)! Here's this year's Lionel Train set up.