June 2023

Did you know that art is really about communication? We teach our fifth graders who come to visit the museum that the true definition of "ART" is "COMMUNICATION." It's all about an artist - author, dancer, musician, playwright, visual artist expressing what they are seeing or feeling.

The art that we exhibit in our museum is absolutely about communication and our new exhibit with artist Gabriel Lipper is a great example. It is a treat for your eyes and your inner being. You will experience pleasure, curiosity, and lots of other emotions in viewing his art.

We have all sorts of activities going on in the month of June. We try and enumerate them in the eNews - they are also on the website.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Executive Director
Current Exhibit
In 1991, Gabriel Lipper was inspired by a painting of Matisse that eventually became the beginnings of Fauvism. From that moment he was hooked. Although doing art in his early childhood, he began a serious formal and informal journey to learn and create. He has traveled extensively to many countries seeking out fine art masters of interest. Each step of the way his viewpoints shifted and matured and his overall mantra is “Be Present.” Gabriel considers this exhibit almost a retrospective because it covers over 15 years of his art. The work is broken into categories such as Departure, Insomnia, The American Dream, Thoroughbred, Faces, and Transfiguration. Lipper currently lives in Ashland. Thanks to Mark and Carolyn Simonds for sponsoring this exhibit.
Installation of exhibits is an art in itself. The exhibit should be a work of art for the viewer.
The exhibition department expands during installation to include more people and in the case of this exhibit, they needed more muscle.
Occasionally, the museum exhibits are very large and very heavy. Our regular exhibition department and the installation crew are not always equipped to handle that sort of exhibit. If you are willing, able, and strong, and would like to help the museum now and then - please let us know. Contact us at hyla@gpmuseum.com or call 541-479-3290. Thank you! It's a very rewarding thing to do.
This year we have eight gardens to visit. Two of the gardens will have food trucks. We are also including authors from the AIM group (Authors' Innovative Marketing). It's going to be the best ever. Don't miss it. Tickets are $25 each.

There are over 40 artists who have submitted their art for this event. It's all really wonderful. Be sure and get a ticket so you can tour the gardens and find out about all of the art. It's really fabulous.

For the first time you can purchase tickets on our website. However, you need to pick up your booklet at the museum OR we can do a will call at one of the gardens. CLICK HERE!
Workshops for "Grown Ups"
July 22: 1pm - 4pm
 Learning to See. Harnessing the power of color and design with Gabriel Lipper.
Gabriel will be giving a demonstration that outlines his entire process of merging abstract playgrounds with representational elements in one painting from beginning to end. He has not done a public demonstration of his techniques in over 10 years and he is excited to share his process.
You will enjoy his dialog as he transports you into his world of art.

Members $45/ non members $50
Summer Workshops For Kids
Happenings In May (last month)
The twins, Rain and Zora, were brought to the museum on their very first outing. We really enjoy having families visit! (The babies are tucked inside and sleeping - but it is the idea that counts!)
Our Greeters met and after learning more about artists Anne Brooke and Kim Sterling, they painted rocks to sell during Art in the Garden. The rocks will be available and the proceeds will benefit the museum.
Anne Brooke taught a workshop about the power of color.
Everyone had to create value studies of the primary colors.
The museum hosted The Chamber of Commerce After Hours networking event. Over 40 people attended and had a great time.
Ashley with Weekend Beer served wine and beer to the attendees.
The Chamber Greeters had everyone sign in.
Smitty's Food Truck provided the catering for the event. Their mini tacos and mini bowls were enjoyed by all.
Smitty's will be in one of the gardens during Art in the Garden too!
The concert in May featured the Heather Pierson Duo and her partner Shaun. She is a masterful composer and pianist.
She joked about calling her "other" instrument a "spit keyboard." She played it by blowing into a mouthpiece.
St. Anne's fifth grade had a great time during their field trip adventure. Overall this year we saw over 400 fifth graders during the field trips.
The St. Anne students walked to the museum - but many times we provide busing. Many thanks to Country House Inns for sponsoring the buses. Without paying for the buses - many of the schools could not afford these field trips.
Sunny Wolf Charter School enjoys coming to the fifth grade field trips. This group were all in second grade and although it was not a normal field trip - the group enjoyed seeing everything.
Enjoying art with friends is great!
AIM (Authors' Innovative Marketing had a "Night and Day at the Museum" last month. Twenty seven authors participated.
The next day the authors had a panel and many of them spoke and told some of their stories. They were very pleased with the event and have already planned for next year.
AND, you can find some of the authors in gardens June 10 & 11 in Art in the Garden.
The people (and animals behind the scene.) Here we see John, our webmaster, practicing his guitar playing. Roxy is his sidekick and total admirer. We are very appreciative of what he does for the museum website and other graphics like the postcards.
Hyla was interviewed and filmed Novum. They were hired by Visit Grants Pass to film local businesses and attractions. You will see the results on various social media. It was fun to highlight the museum and Gallery One.

When I talk about all that we do - it's a really good feeling.
Many many thanks to the Four Way Community Foundation for a grant to make a portal between Gallery One and the Museum possible. We will create the portal at the end of the year. So many people are confused about where the museum actually is. We are connecting to Gallery One and will change the graphics in the downstairs museum lobby to make it very obvious! (They also helped with the kitchen removal which is turning out to be a huge good thing in creating a new community gallery space.)
Concert Coming Up June 8
We have one concert almost every month. You can purchase tickets for any of them on the website by clicking the image below. We are happy to announce that Weekend Beer Company will be providing wine and beer to purchase at each of our concerts. And thanks to the Welch Investment Group for sponsoring the concerts.
Second Friday Poetry Sharing

May 12 at 7pm.
The optional topic is
Stamp of Approval
Admission is free!
Curious about what poetry sharing is all about? Come and see. You can share a poem you have written or one that you like that someone else wrote. You can just sit and enjoy others sharing. The evening is mellow. This event has been in existence for about 12 years. Thanks to Cal Kenney (one of our long time board members) for keeping the event going. It's free! Come and enjoy.
More Events

A new fundraiser for the museum and a great event for you to attend. We are going to host a talent show called "Let Us Entertain You."
September 16 is the date! Stay tuned for more information.
It will be held at the Grants Pass High School Performing Arts Center.
Could you volunteer some of your time?
There are lots of different things a volunteer can do at the museum. One of the biggest needs we have right now is for greeters. These are people who act as a host when people visit the museum. The "shift" is four hours from 1pm - 5pm or noon - 4 Tuesday through Saturday. Click the pix on the left to sign up! It's really fun.
Gallery One News
A great place to shop for gifts of all kinds - all original art creations by Southern Oregon artists. The best place for one of a kind ornaments and cards too.
Open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am - 5pm.

A perfect place to find gifts for MOM!
Featured Artist for June
I am a designer of couture art wear garments and Textiles. All of my works, which range from intricate coats to smaller accessories, are original pieces utilizing silk from kimono and obi as the primary fabric.
I moved into surface design after receiving an individual artist grant. I began to study hand dyeing and discharge (removal of color) in the traditional Japanese techniques of Shibori.
I approach all my pieces the same: there is a theme, an emotion, or an idea that I am trying to convey through textures, color, and details. If I can't find the perfect fabric to make an image in my mind materialize into Wearable form, I will make it!
I teach sewing and surface design locally and nationally and have been a selected published artist in Fiber Arts Design Book Six.
When not sewing, knitting, hand beading, or dyeing, I love to be out in nature, gardening, hiking, and riding my bike with my spouse, and being inspired by the views from our home's deck, hanging out with our mini Aussie Ed, and cat, Toby.
Help keep the museum free for all!
Over the last 44 years, the Museum has showcased art that connects us across time, geography, and cultural differences. We couldn’t fulfill our important mission without the generous support of our members and donors. Today, will you go above and beyond and make a gift to empower our vital work of connecting our community with the power of art?
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