Dripping Springs
Wednesdays, year 'round

Wed, May 6th, 3-6pm

Veterans Memorial Park
160 E Mercer St, Dripping Springs
In "The Triangle" off 290 & RR12

HiFi Myco, the premier grower of culinary mushrooms in the Austin area, now bring their weird and wonderful products to our market. They offer a constant and changing array of oyster, lions mane, shiitake, maitake, and other varieties - along with kits to grow your own fresh mushrooms at home. They also make mushroom powders, tinctures and mushroom coffee. New to 'shrooms? Ask about their favorite recipes and cooking methods. With their years of fun with the fungi, HiFi Myco are mycellipedias to help you in your mushroom quest. 

Our newest market member is an old friend of the Dripping Springs community. The Salt Lick was founded in Driftwood in 1967 and has been serving their renowned barbeque to crowds of admirers ever since. Their mobile food truck at our market serves up their original brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork and chopped beef sandwiches, sausage wraps - along with their famous coleslaw and potato salad. Go home with supper in the bag!
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The Dripping Springs Farmers Market offers local, homemade and self-produced foods and goods. Many vendors offer samples on site. More information on individual vendors can be found on our  websiteIf you have questions or would like to apply as a  vendor, please email us. 

The City of Dripping Springs Farmers Market Board meets the third Thursday of each month at City Hall, 511 Mercer Street. 
Board Members:
Gouri Johannsen, Chair
Marianne Simmons, Vice Chair
Teresa Strube, Secretary
Claudia Oney
Nikki Dahlin
David Vincent

Market Manager:  Laurel Robertson
Contact us:
City Offices: 512-858-4725

Our Mission

The Mission of the Market is to provide a community gathering place where local food producers, artisans and community organizations educate and sell directly to consumers.

The City of Dripping Springs believes that local agriculture is essential to the region's economy and is committed to making economic and educational connections between residents and local agricultural producers through the Dripping Springs Farmers Market. The Market is a Texas Department of Agriculture Certified Farmers Market and operates in accordance with all city, county, state, and federal laws, for the benefit of vendors and customers alike.