Greetings friends,

As I write this, the air here in Oregon has recently chilled. The fire is going this morning and the kitty is curled before it. I see the leaves starting to turn. On the record player we have on "The Best of Bread" (yes I said record player) Aryeh recently set it up in the living room with nice speakers and got out all our vinyl, some saved from life and many from thrift stores. Having been away from that for so long in the digital world I am really appreciating the sound and the music.

Now the record has changed to John Denver. This old music brings back so many memories of childhood and family and teenage angst and everything in between. I played many of John Denver songs as a young girl learning guitar. If you have access to a record player or can get one I highly recommend it. They are available and inexpensive now, and you can find great classic albums at thrift stores for almost nothing. Hearing the needle on the vinyl warms up your home like a fireplace. It's comfort food for the soul.

I'm wondering if now I'm starting the Fall season of my life. This weekend I will turn 56. Last night Aryeh was playing some of my earliest recordings span across the decades of my musical life, wondering if we want to revive any of those compositions for the new album we are working on. It all affected me so deeply thinking about the various people that have come and gone, all the great musicians I have worked with, the record label and behind the scenes friends and helpers. All the tries I tried. It was all the roller coaster of a musician's life. I am always wondering where all the years have gone. Hearing these recordings and such a large body of music helps me remember where those years went. I hope you will consider revisiting some of your favorite music from your life and think about the ones you love and the adventures you had. It can indeed be healing music for yourself or to share with a loved one.

Scrolling down you will see all our concerts and events for the rest of this year, as well as some videos other fun stuff. (I always save the best for last)

Thank you again for being connected with me and I wish you and your loved ones much warmth this season, and of course, music.

Love, Lisa
Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter
Celtic Harps, Rare Instruments
& Wondrous Stories
10/05 WA - Seattle 10/05 - Zen Arts Group Tickets
10/06 WA - Olympia
Indigo Farms tickets
Lisa Lynne -
10/16 OR - OR - Albany Playing music for "Bras for a Cause" more info
10/22 OR - Corvallis Hands-on-Harps
Register for a beginners harp workshop with harps provided.
Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter
10/26 Oregon - Eugene
Benefit for Flora Foundation Tickets

11/04 CA - Crescent City
Del Norte Cultural Center
Hands-on-Harps workshop and evening concert Info

11/05 OR - Gold Beach
Curry Library workshop and concert (541) 247-7246

11/06 OR - North Bend
Library workshop and concert (541) 756-0400

11/08-11 OR - Yachats
Celtic Music Festival - stage performances and beginners workshop w/harps provided.
email me t o reserve your workshop space.
A Winter Gift - New Music & Stories for the Season with
Patrick Ball, Lisa & Aryeh
Nov 21 CA - Mill Valley Info
Nov 22 CA - Davis Info
Nov 23 CA - Benecia Info
Nov 24 CA - San Jose Tickets

Dec 04 OR - Monroe info
Dec 05 OR - Portland info
Dec 06 OR - Astoria Info
Dec 07 WA -Mount Vernon Celtic Arts Foundation
Dec 08 WA - Seattle Info

Tickets may not be posted yet for all the Nov/Dec shows. If you need more info or ticket link
Dec 18 OR - Corvallis
Heartstrings Christmas Harps. Free mini concert and hands on beginners workshop with harps provided at Good Samaritan Oncology center
email me for details and reservations
We have continued to host house concerts almost monthly at our home. This past week we presented world-renowned guitarist Peppino D'Agostino and played a few tunes with him. Here are some of the moments. It features one of my original pieces "Luna De Amor" and another favorite "Ave Maria". It was a magical evening.
Here's clips of our own recent house concert. This band is so fun. We love these guys.
I've been involved in Therapeutic music in hospitals for almost 20 years. During that time there was no official certification but because such a valid form of alternative treatment that it spread through hospitals all over the country and world. So several official training programs were born to prepare musicians for the calling. I was too busy actually doing it and pioneering new programs that I never had time to do their special training. Recently, a prestigious training program IHTP honored me with certification because of all that I have already done. And I'm proud to have it on my office wall.
Here is a 10 min video about how I started doing this. my passion in life