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The Healing Power of Music
“Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a little while”

– Elton John
There have been many studies on the healing power of music. For many of us, music brings back memories of "the good ol' days." For others, it provides the motivation to exercise, the ability to focus on schoolwork, or to just simply relax.

According to MedicalNewsToday , "The elements of music — rhythm, melody, etc. — are echoed in our physiology, functioning and being." The article contends that music not only benefits our mental health, but possibly staves off pain and stress, can aid memory recall, and can even help the brain recover from injury.

Communities around the world are using music to provide stress release and bring communities and neighborhoods together during the coronavirus crisis. While the Italians sing from their balconies and spontaneous musical flash mobs appear across America, music has also permeated the very being of John Muir Health. From a musical number created by John Muir Health leadership dedicated to employees, the playing of "Hear Comes the Sun" when our COVID-positive patients are discharged, to a heartfelt performance by the California Symphony at the Concord and Walnut Creek Medical Centers, John Muir Health staff are feeling the good vibes!
John Muir Health leadership sent this uplifting musical video to employees.
On May 14th, John Muir Health staff at the Concord and Walnut Creek Medical Centers were serenaded by Concertmaster Jennifer Cho and Principal Viola Marcel Gemperli. To see additional photos taken by the East Bay Times, click here .
Enjoy the short video performance below from the California Symphony.
"Here Comes the Sun"
Perhaps the most famous Beatles song, "Here Comes the Sun" was written by George Harrison while in the garden of Eric Clapton's Ewhurst, Surrey, England home in 1969 after a "long, cold, lonely winter." The song has become a favorite across the world to exemplify hope, renewal, and brighter days ahead. It is played at John Muir Health Medical Centers when a COVID-19 patient is discharged.
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