Fall Session Begins Tuesday, September 3rd
We're offering 58 group classes, ensembles and jams including 21 options for Little Roots Families plus private & semi private lessons.

August 14th,15th & 26th
Thursdays, through Oct 17, 3-6PM
Third Thursdays 3-7PM
June 20th 4-6pm
Back Patio
Tuesday Aug. 20th or 27th 5-7pm
$50 per session
Save your spot at registrar@317main.org
Tuesday, August 20th 6-9pm
Save your spot at registrar@317main.org

Maine Day-August 28th
Featuring Flight 317
Festival August 29-Sept 1st

317 Main's Annual Community Music Festival at Skyline Farm
Saturday, September 7th, 12--7pm

Pottery Sale to Benefit 317 Main
Saturday & Sunday Oct 19th & 20th
Renowned Fiddler & Composer
Friday, October 25th 7pm
First Parish Church Yarmouth
Ticket info coming soon.
317 Main Introduces Convenient Monthly Giving Option
 Introducing: The Rhythm Section! Would you like to help support music in our center and the community? Help keep the beat going with our NEW monthly donor program. You can provide the steady, dependable core support that allows 317 Main to invest in programming and plan for the future. When you support 317 Main, you support the love of music for everyone, big and small.

John Williams, 317 Main Exec. Director
Did you know that there is a difference in brain structure between musicians and non-musicians? It’s true.

A good friend recently forwarded an article The Benefits of Playing Music Help Your Brain More Than Any Other Activity .
In it, the writer explains how brain scans have shown that “the corpus callosum, a massive bundle of nerve fibers connecting the two sides of the brain is larger in musicians.” (Rampton, 2019) 

The article goes on to state that “brain-scanning studies found that the anatomical change in musicians' brains is related to the age when training began – learning at a younger age causes the most drastic changes."

This summer, we have been focused on our Little Roots curriculum for children birth-6. We are committed to delivering a fun, high-quality, age appropriate program because we know early childhood presents a unique opportunity to influence musical aptitude in the developing brain. (cont.)
To help with the mission, we have hired Kristine Pennell to be our new Little Roots Program Coordinator. Kristine and the Little Roots team have participated in training and curriculum building to improve and expand our Little Roots program offerings.

If you have young children or grandchildren, we invite you to Grow Your Little Roots (Corpus Callosum) with us this fall!
Are You Taking Care Of Your Hearing?
For 317 Main Teaching Artist Nina Miller the first warning sign was a ringing in her ears. 
“After loud performances, I noticed the ringing was there,” recalls Nina. “At first it went away and then it didn’t.”

The condition, called tinnitus, is frustrating for anyone, but devastating for a musician.
“If you can’t hear critically, the music suffers," she says. 

Nina, a long time french horn player with the Portland Symphony Orchestra and the leader of two popular ukulele groups, including the DRukes at 317 Main, assumes the tinnitus was the result of spending decades surrounded by horns and percussionists. “Our Pops concerts can get pretty loud,” she says. 

So when should we start protecting our ears?  

Dr. Kristie Iacuessa, the owner of Yarmouth Audiology, says few people do anything to preserve their hearing until they notice a deficit. 
“Parents should really start protecting their kids ears as babies,” says Dr. Iacuessa.

She says she wished hearing safety was a part of every school’s music education curriculum. 
She explains that most hearing loss occurs when hair cells at the end of the cochlea begin to die off. At first, the hearing loss is temporary and the hairs bounce back, but the damage is cumulative. 
Nina took steps to save her hearing about 10 years ago, fitting herself with custom earplugs that come with adjustable filters that reduce sound in 15 decibel increments. 

“I was the first one in the orchestra,” she says. “Now there are many more.” (cont.)
Dr. Iucuessa works with many musicians and says it’s beneficial to start early by getting a baseline hearing test.

“If they wait until the damage sets in, they may never adjust to to wearing ear protection," she warns.

Dr. Iucuessa says the culture around hearing protection is shifting. She now sees more patients in their 20s, having been referred by older musician friends and mentors.

Nina’s advice. Wear earplugs in loud places! She reserves her custom ear plugs for loud performances with the PSO, but keeps cheap pairs with her at all times, and she makes sure her students have them, too.

After all, ear plugs are cheap and plentiful, but you only get one pair of ears.
The mission of 317 Main is to encourage creative expression, personal growth and community connection through music.
Comings and Goings
Fall always brings new faces to 317 Main and we hope you'll join us in welcoming the following individuals.

Alicia Phelps , who has worked with us as a Partnership Program educator, expands her role as 317 Main's Director of Community Partnerships and Special Programs. Alicia will also reserve some time for teaching piano and voice. Kristine Pennell , a former elementary school teacher and mother to two 2 young daughters, is our new Little Roots Coordinator. Melia Coletta , an accomplished clarinetist has already proved herself invaluable in her new role as 317 Main's Communications and Development coordinator.

We also welcome Pam Weeks, a multi-instrumentalist and veteran of Maine's Folk music community. Pam will teach fiddle, viola, guitar, mandolin, cello and flute.

We're pleased to bring on two new board members. Cass Baker, already an extraordinary volunteer, music student and 317 parent, joins our board along with Stefan Iris . Stefan serves as Chief Investment Officer with Camden National Wealth Management and is an avid guitar player.

We would like to thank Justin Whitlock , Neil Lamb and Drew Watt for their years of service on our board. We know they'll stay connected to our organization through music and friendship.

Thank you all for bringing your time, talent and music to 317 Main!
A record number of campers participated in our summer camps this year and our stellar team of teaching artists and counselors had a blast making music with them all. Here's a sample of what parents told us about their child's week with us.

"She LOVED the collaborative music-making and music-writing. She left feeling empowered as a musician and as a person." - Parent

"My child came home each day declaring it was the best day ever!"- Parent

"He loved the day's structure, the music, time in the park and interactions with the counselors and instructors."- Parent
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