Music Ministry E-notes       February 7, 2019

Next Rehearsal 
Thursday, February 7
7 PM
in the Choir Room

Rehearsal Plan: 
1. And the Father
2. If Anybody Asks
3. This Little Light
4. I Want Jesus to Walk
5. Deep River
6. Greet the Dawning
7. Precious Lord
8. No Turning Back
9. Carpenters of God
10. Mercy Tree

Next Rehearsal Thursday, February 7

Next playing date: 
February 10

The Doors: 

Handbells: Someone will be at the door to let folks in until 6:10. After that please park and enter though the chapel. 
We will most likely not hear you if you ring the door bell and we don't have phone service in that area.

Chancel Choir:
Someone will be at the choir door at 6:45.
If you arrive and the door is locked please ring the door bell. 
On Sundays, please do NOT use the door bell. Enter the building from another entry that is unlocked. Those places are the front sanctuary double doors, the double doors next to the FLC at the portico, the doors that go into the office area and the doors into the chapel.
Blessings and Peace, Susan

Praise Team songs for this week: 

February 10 - Bettye                           Ketelboeter
This Sunday, February 10

Handbell Prelude: I Am Thine, O Lord
Choral Anthem: Precious Lord, Take My Hand


March 8-10 
Composer Weekend with Mark Hayes

Friday evening           Meet and Greet
Saturday                   Day of rehearsing 10am-3pm
Sunday                     Mr. Hayes will join us in                                                worship at 11am
                                3:00pm - Afternoon Concert
                                    Possibly share a meal                                                         afterward.
(Would you like to be a part of making this happen? Please let me know.)
Yes, others can sing with us. They will need to provide their own copies of music and pay for their lunch on Saturday. If they come for the rehearsals, they are expected to sing in the concert. Music is to be learned before rehearsals begin.


February 10 - Precious Lord, Take My Hand
February 10 - Hayes Rehearsal 1:19-3:00pm
February 21 - Choir Social - after rehearsal
March 3 -      Youth Sunday
March 8 - 10  Mark Hayes Composer Weekend

April 14 -        Palm/Passion Sunday
April 21 -        Easter Sunday

May 23 -        Choir social - after rehearsal
June 30 -        Faith and Freedom Service

Joy Has Come