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I hope you had the chance to enjoy the premiere of PIANO SLAM 13 - The Movie last Thursday. From the opening scene of dancers seemingly on a cloud in one of the high up corner spaces of the Arsht Center to a undulation under water, from Liberty City to Ludlam Trail throughout the many locations and landmarks in our city, with music from the grand stage to hip-hop in the corner store – the movie flew by much too fast. The students’ poems touched on those subjects that we have all lived through in the past year. Despite the medium, the hour spent felt very intimate, as though we were all in a space, together. We will make sure to make the film available as soon as possible.

And now, let’s look towards the 2021-2022 season. I would first of all ask for your help to move us there. Non-profit arts organization rely in large part on the investments from friends and audiences to bring their gifts to the community. We need to be able to confidently plan ahead, hire artists and engage venues. Will you make a gift in return, an investment, so that we can together ensure that we can meet again to enjoy the shared moments of art and discovery? You can do so here, or via the image below.
Next season, we will explore the major cultural influences of classical music especially in our hometown of Miami. One Dranoff commission that reflects this theme is Martin Bejerano’s Fantasia de tres Mundos. Below is the Jazz trio version, performed by Martin’s group. The Fantasy of three worlds – Caribbean, European, Miamian. That is, after all, the truly vibrant city we inhabit.


Gabriele Fiorentino 
The Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation
Piano Slam

Romance for 2 pianos

Yoshie and Takashi

The Golden Light
New life, new love 
This pandemic has given us new life
A new breath of fresh air 
A greenhouse in our own backyard
The dynamic of which we all experience

The atmosphere of the people here have greatly changed
As if the air is getting thinner
As the curtain behind the scenes is unfolded
Day by day the churros change their melody
Now everyone dances young and old
I am high school senior
And at 18, I am too young to have experienced this before

The only ones that speak up are the bold
But as with everything, they are silenced
As no one listens to the wise
In the end, those who don’t listen will meet their timely demise
As with everything this harmony is one all the wild.

Now I am beginning to see a light
At first, we were all clouded in darkness
Covid put a black cloud upon this world that stopped everything
Its chords struck fear in the hearts of many
But the time is coming where we all now see light at the end of the tunnel

But now we have elected new guardians
People who we put in charge to keep us safe
They make all the decisions 
While we follow them without question
But little do we know that the interval between us and them is getting wider by the day

I am a child of the sun 
And because of this, I am constantly hunted by others
They try their hardest to cast onto my shoulders
While I always try my best not to take on the burden
Like we say in the Virgin islands
                                          “Respond with a crescendo that makes the Earth shake”
While listen to my island tunes
 I play a song few others have played
A melody that rivals that of ancient kings of old

I listen to the wise and the foolish
They both cry out for understanding
They all want peace 
We all do 
Thus in response, I shall play my melody.

PIANO SLAM 13 Winner, High School
Jovan Daniel
12th Grade, Miami Norland Senior High School

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