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Romanticism, poetry, images. Nature. Music.  And almost, almost returning to a time and place where we can enjoy all these experiences in public, and together. Until everything opens up, there are still such glorious moments as the concert we are featuring today at the stunning art Museum Voorlinden in Holland. Arnold Schönberg's Verklärte Nacht that is a declaration of acceptance and hope.

The concert was organized by the International Chamber Music Festival Wassenaar and took place at the museum.  Dutch minimalist photographer Johannes Bosgra, with whom Dranoff has had the pleasure to collaborate in the recent past, created a video work that makes a connection between Schönberg's composition (1899) and Jan Sluijters painting Moon Night IV from the museum collection.

For this performance, Bosgra photographed night woodscapes nearby, reproducing them into Sluijter’s characteristic fauvistic colors and creating an image-scape to the rhythm of Verklärte Nacht

Schönberg’s  composition follows the structure of the poem by the same title by Richard Dehmel. The visual language doesn’t follow the story literally, but echoes Nature and the emotions in the poem (below).

We worked with Johannes Bosgra and pianists Ralph van Raat and Maarten van Veen for the 2019 concert The Ocean’s Soul . Below an excerpt of it, a memory to encourage us to imagine future concerts and experiences we can enjoy together….. If you value what these moments give to your life, please be as generous as you can with a gift to the Dranoff so that we can  bring all those magical times to you again. 


Gabriele Fiorentino 
The Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation
Piano Slam

Verklärte Nacht, op. 4

Lilli Maijala - alt viola
Santa Vizine - alt viola
Jerome Fruchart - cello

Videoart - Johannes Bosgra

The Ocean's Soul

Dranoff concert in Spring 2019 at the New World Center


Two people walk through a bare, cold grove;
The moon races along with them, they look into it. 
The moon races over tall oaks, 
No cloud obscures the light from the sky, 
Into which the black points of the boughs reach. 
A woman’s voice speaks: 

I’m carrying a child, and not yours, 
I walk in sin beside you. 
I have committed a great offense against myself. 
I no longer believed I could be happy
And yet I had a strong yearning
For something to fill my life, for the joys of
And for duty; so I committed an effrontery, 
So, shuddering, I allowed my sex
To be embraced by a strange man, 
And, on top of that, I blessed myself for it. 
Now life has taken its revenge: 
Now I have met you, oh, you. 

She walks with a clumsy gait, 
She looks up; the moon is racing along. 
Her dark gaze is drowned in light. 
A man’s voice speaks: 

May the child you conceived
Be no burden to your soul; 
Just see how brightly the universe is gleaming! 
There’s a glow around everything; 
You are floating with me on a cold ocean, 
But a special warmth flickers
From you into me, from me into you. 
It will transfigure the strange man’s child. 
You will bear the child for me, as if it were mine; 
You have brought the glow into me, 
You have made me like a child myself. 

He grasps her around her ample hips. 
Their breath kisses in the breeze. 
Two people walk through the lofty, bright night. 

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