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May this new year be lighter and healing and filled with music, friendship and joy!

This Monday, we are sharing with you a selection by Jeroen Van Veen. Since winning the Dranoff 2 Piano Competition together with his brother, Maarten, over 25 years ago, Jeroen has been a dear friend of Dranoff, has presented multiple concerts, and has acted as artistic director. He is an artist always looking ahead at new trends and new platforms in the music marketplace. This includes a physical “marketplace” in the form of Pernissimo, an enterprise with the mission of availing artists of studios, workspaces, and expositions. 

Jeroen and Dranoff will be working together again in June of 2021. Those of you who attended  last year ‘s fantastic music-cum-film experience of The Lodger, our concert collaboration with the Coral Gables Art Cinema for which Jeroen composed and arranged the score,  will be happy to know that he will create a  new score, this time for Buster Keaton silent comedy films.

But before that, we begin our season on Friday,  March 26 7:30pm, with our first LIVE  concert of the year. It will be a drive-in experience.  Originally planned for last spring, we are so happy that the great Orlando and Orlay Alonso are able to bring us their Cuba Symphonic after all.   Performers will be outside on the dock stage of the Miami Dade Auditorium;  audience members can bring their own seating for the area in front of the stage, or stay in their cars and tune into a special station. 

PIANO SLAM 13 is also continuing on mostly digital platforms for the academic performance and concert portions. We have not yet finalized the big final concert, but I know that with these talents, great music and a forward-looking organization,  Dranoff will be performing for you in this year.


Gabriele Fiorentino 
The Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation
Piano Slam

Canto Ostinato

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A Hello from Jeroen van Veen

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