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Dranoff’s 2021/2022 Season has begun. In reflecting on “The Full Spectrum of Light”, we are focusing this month on women artists and composers.

Aglika Genova and Liuben Dimitrov have just completed a new recording of Amy Beach’s Complete Works for Piano Duo which will be issued in November. In the meantime, below find two short movements from this live recording. We very much look forward to the entire recording!

The Miami Book Fair is an important contributor to PIANO SLAM, Dranoff’s performance and arts integration program.  Through this partnership, Music Mondays presents a poem by Jamaican-born poet Sharon McCallum to accompany Amy Beach’s work. Sharon’s parents, African-Jamaican and Venezuelan, moved the family to the United States when she was nine. Her work considers the intersections of race, gender, history, and personal identity. In an interview, she noted that "poetry helps me explore the ways we understand complex notions of identity, whether that's personal, familial, or cultural.”

The Miami Book Fair presents outstanding artists who volunteer to read their work and talk about their writing with the teachers and students participating in PIANO SLAM. These videos are used for creative writing lessons and matched up with the PIANO SLAM themes and music that the students must include in their poetry in each year's competition.  This year’s exciting and generous arts and education contributions will be made by award winning poets SharonMcCallum, Pablo Medina, Achy Obejas and Yusef Komunyakaa. 

PIANO SLAM14 is about the relationship between music and culture and what it means to be human, both as an individual and in a community.  It is rich in high-level music and the literary arts, which Dranoff would be unable to present without this important partnership. 


Gabriele Fiorentino 
The Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation
Piano Slam


SUMMER DREAMS for piano four-hands, op.47


I have come
not to beg nor barter but to enter.
                                                  Who are you seeking?
The past
opens and opens, fleshing me
with loss.
I descend
to find my way,
I who am
haunted and a haunting.
                                                 What are you willing to abandon?
In the before, I continue:
a woman carrying on with the dishes,
the dusting, the sweeping. 
But here, I am the voice of the petitioner.
Dearest, who was once of earth,
Dearest, whose departure has cleft me,
Dearest, who was my country,
my soil, my sun and sky,
every migration 
is a bird taking wing. 
                                                 Is this the place you seek?
And if at last I arrive,
will I find you in that room
with every window like the soul
flung open and flooded
with sounds of the distant sea.
And if I spill
out into the yard, will she be still
there, the child who was me
set down in the grass,
watching the stars blinkering
on and off, their light burning
with the knowledge of death.
                                                  How will you carry this?
I will have to use the flowers to address you.
Wild-blooming frangipani (your cloying scent marks me).
Pointillist-starred ixora (I braid you into my hair).
Indigo-blue plumbago (you obliterate the sky).
Lignum vitae (you foretell all histories).
Roses that grow ragged along the shore (stay with me).
                                                  How will you return to the living?
Called back by the susurrating wind and sea.
Called back by the roots of my hair, dirt
beneath my nails, the body’s sweat and stink.
Called back by their voices, yours
still clenched in my fist. Called back
to all that is matter, bone, and skin,
what fragment of you survives in me
as I open my mouth to speak?


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