Dear friend
This week, I am very pleased to share with you a project by the Dranoff Competition Laureates, Duo Stephanie and Saar.  It is a perfect fit with our tribute this month  to women.

Their  Makrokosmos Project 7, “Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman”  celebrates the imagination and artistry of women composers from across the globe. Stephanie and Saar have dedicate the project to the late Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, an uncommon woman if there ever was one. 

Because of Covid, the concerts were filmed. Titled The Elements, the four concert films deal with the four elements, with music from composers of Asian descent.  Today’s selection is Water.

We also introduce you to the marvelous Cuban poet,  Achy Obejas. This wonderful woman writer is part of our PIANO SLAM Partnership with the Miami Book Fair .
Ms Obejas has provided poetry and readings for our Piano Slam 14 Education and Performance presentations for students.  She will be  at the book fair on  November 20 at  6pm. 

I hope you enjoy these selections as much as I have. 

On another matter – next month’s  fundraising event Give Miami Day is crucial for us to rebuild the live performance season. Save the date – 11/18/21.  Help us make it a success for Dranoff and Piano Slam. Please plan to be as generous as possible. 

Thank you from all of us.


Gabriele Fiorentino 
The Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation
Piano Slam


with performances by

Mari Yoshinaga, marimba
Susan Smith, piano
Stephanie Ho, piano

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Thursday, 11/18/21
Piano Slam is a trademarked program of the Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation, a 501(c)3

when we listen to the racket made by our running,
toward and not away, and all the bouts of despair
we bury in hallowed ground
and dust with the salt of our sweat
then i’m with you in jamestown
when we fill our cups with palm wine, yagé 
and red soda water
i’m with you in plymouth
i’m with you in stono
when we force open the heavens
and take what we need
what was and is ours for our heaven
i’m with you in richmond and new orleans
i’m with you in new york city
when we wrap the bleakness 
and cruelty of the past in wet warm rags
and roll them in ashes
with awe and respect
and touch our own bellies to remember
remember and never forget
i’m with you in hartford and seneca falls
i’m with you in washington dc and wounded knee
when we walk on the face of the rock 
when we run with our chests thumping
like hands beating a barrel
i’m with you in oxnard and butte
i’m with you in san antonio and cincinnati
i’m with you in chicago
when we honor the blood of those ignored
those tortured
those slaughtered
blood spilled and not spilled
but boiling
i’m with you in harlem and laredo
i’m with you in los angeles and tampa
i’m with you in san francisco and vieques
when we break the shadowy precedents
when we find the path and open our arms 
and hearts to the light
i’m with you in miami and delano
i’m with you in berkeley and boston
i’m with you in san diego and brooklyn
i’m with you orbiting the planet
when we recognize the faces under the whip 
and when we don’t
when we stumble 
when we lose direction
i’m with you
i’m with you in salt lake city and laramie
i’m with you in philadelphia and honolulu
i’m with you in ithaca and battle creek
i’m with you in fountain city and st. louis
when we know the body in the black bag
the body hanging from the tree
the charred body
and when we don’t
but we do the bystanders staring or laughing or crying
i’m with you in auburn and atlanta
i’m with you in crown heights and the north pole
i’m with you in montgomery and little rock
i’m with you in ashtabula and ripley
i’m with you in oakland
when we gather oranges for a feast or a wake
the rice
the lamb
sunflower seeds and sunflowers
sweet corn
greens and sugarcane
i’m with you in greensboro and birmingham
i’m with you in seattle and salem
i’m with you in atlantic city and memphis
i’m with you in reading and schoolcraft
i’m with you in fresno and chapel hill
in detroit and sitka

i’m with you


Piano Slam is a trademarked program of the Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation, is a 501(c)3
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