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Dranoff’s mission is the Art of Two, the 2 piano art form, the music, the pianists dedicated to it. That is what we have focused on for the life of our organization. But over the years, we have also worked with hundreds of local, national and international musicians in ensemble concerts and Piano Slam. 

Today, for a change of pace, I am incredible delighted to introduce to you two woman artists with whom we share our magic city, and who share their world with us.
Argentinian  Roxana Amed is a virtuosic singer songwriter whose music blends South American folk traditions with rock and post-bop jazz.  She has been nominated for 2 Latin Grammys for her latest album, Ontology, on which she collaborated with  Dranoff Music Director Martin Bejerano as composer, arranger and pianist
Dranoff has presented her in concert and we look forward to many more joint events.

Brenda Alford, a highly acclaimed singer and song writer, recently joined the Dranoff Board. I wanted to share with you a song from her brand new album, Messages …Songs for the Soul. 

We have selected two poems to accompany the vocalists. They are written by award-winning women poets  who will be featured at the Miami Book Fair, the literary partner of Piano Slam.

Finally, remember to pencil in November 18 into your calendars. Give Miami Day is the Miami Foundation’s big fundraising effort to make it possible for everyone to become philanthropist. Please help us make it a smashing success. After all, the Dranoff and Piano Slam relies mightily on your support!
Please enjoy these amazing artists!


Gabriele Fiorentino 
The Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation
Piano Slam



Dear river dear creek dear dammed
tributaries dear fuse dear dynamite
and wet match. Amen.

The water don't love me and she don't love
me and maybe I'm drowning
from the inside.

Who put the river
In my arm said don't
let the water?
Maybe the knife

got a hard kiss and a sweet bite.
Maybe the knife only metal
and wood and a bit of brass

but maybe it know
how to love the inside of me.
Maybe I don't believe in meaning in god

in plans in paths and the closer I am
to my animal self the more human I am 
the more I let myself break

like a wave.  Ocean 
in my arm. Stone in my arm. 
Iron and wood and brass in my arm.

Save the date - Thursday, 11/18/21

MESSAGES ... Songs for the Soul


What is the name for an antelope
who grazes inside a dream

then vanishes into the 
nebula’s brush.

What is the face
for refurbishing grammar

at each comma’s lip.
 Whose identity never

remembers the shape of beige.
What is the word

for how to conjure
the size of a line, hushed

beneath the flap of a thousand
shifting plumes.

What is the body of a
garden where a crescent 

despairs, drifts beneath
the melt of amber.

The season is always growing
out of its hooves.

One cradlesong
of your leaving is not larger

than the forest of your arrival.
To make you a noun forever.

A loss of you 
cannot be equal to the loss of you.                             


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