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On this first day of August, we want to share with you the Danza del Fuego, the Fire Dance,  by Manuel de Falla.  It is the 2 piano transcription, here performed by Dranoff Competition laureates Duo Scarbo. 

Don’t miss any of the great concerts planned for the Hot Music Hot Miami Season. African American Film composers.  Rachmaninoff, Bach, Brahms. West African Beats. Cuba, A Musical Journey of Independence, part II.   And of course, Piano Slam 2023, with a core of music by John Corigliano.

Season subscriptions will go on sale on August 25.

Enjoy the heat, the music, and the poetry.

Have a swell week!


Gabriele Fiorentino 
The Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation
Piano Slam

DANZE DEL FUEGO for 2 pianos

On Summer

Esteville begins to burn;
   The auburn fields of harvest rise;
The torrid flames again return,
   And thunders roll along the skies.

Perspiring Cancer lifts his head,
   And roars terrific from on high;
Whose voice the timid creatures dread;
   From which they strive with awe to fly.

The night-hawk ventures from his cell,
   And starts his note in evening air;
He feels the heat his bosom swell,
   Which drives away the gloom of fear.

Thou noisy insect, start thy drum;
   Rise lamp-like bugs to light the train;
And bid sweet Philomela come,
   And sound in front the nightly strain.

The bee begins her ceaseless hum,
   And doth with sweet exertions rise;
And with delight she stores her comb,
   And well her rising stock supplies.

Let sportive children well beware,
   While sprightly frisking o’er the green;
And carefully avoid the snare,
   Which lurks beneath the smiling scene.

The mistress bird assumes her nest,
   And broods in silence on the tree,
Her note to cease, her wings at rest,
   She patient waits her young to see.

George Moses Horton, "the Black bard of North Carolina", was an African-American poet from North Carolina who was enslaved. His first collection, The Hope of Liberty, was intended to earn enough to purchase his freedom, but failed to do so.

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